10 Car Safety Items for Your Pet

If you have a pet you have probably considered their car safety. These days you cannot really put a dog on your lap while you drive, despite its size. There are certain laws that have been pushed recently which call for added pet safe while driving.

Whatever your opinion might be, this is generally a good thing for many reasons. First of all, your dog is secure and will not run around the car and will not hurt itself if you make curves while driving. Second of all, you yourself as a driver will not be distracted and will focus more on the road.

Many people are actually not aware of what pet car safety includes. If you just take some time and take a look at the infographic below, you will see what things you need to consider when it comes to dog safety.


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In order to get you started, we present to you 10 different items that work pretty well in restraining your dog in a safe way during a long drive.

Ruff Rider Canine Vehicle Restraint

Unrestrained dogs have a greater possibility to sustain greater injuries during an accident compared to dogs that have a safety harness. Even if you do not get in an accident, your dog might simply hurt itself by jumping all around the car.

In order to prevent this, you can use the Ruff Rider Canine Vehicle Restraint which works both in and out of the car. It is a step-in harness for dogs of 6 to 150 pounds. Since it is useful for many sizes of pets, you better measure the size of your dog’s chest before you get one.

Bergan Auto Harness

This is a seatbelt harness which can easily be attached to the webbing using carbines. You just attach it to the seatbelt of your car and your dog’s harness and you are ready to go. One of the advantages is that the harness is padded and does not bother your dog.

An even greater advantage is that this auto harness meets the V9DT durability test and can be used for dogs from 10 up to 150 pounds. Currently, there are no official government standards for these kinds of restraints, but this one has been tested to provide the best possible security for a dog during a drive.

EzyDog CLICK Adjustable Car Restraint

This type of restraint works well as it is used to bound the dog’s movement. This restraint can be fitted into the back-seat buckle while the other end goes into the harness or the collar of your dog.

This way the dog will not run around and will not hurt itself during a ride. More so, you can determine the dog’s movement on your own and limit how much you want it to move.

Pet Gear Signature Pet Car Seat & Carrier

This seat and carrier have a double purpose. While inside the car it works as a protective seat for the dog. When you take it out, you can use it as a carrier and move your pet. It is specifically aimed for a smaller dog and even cats can be safely placed inside.

For additional safety, you can attach the collar of your dog inside the carrier and secure it that way. It is perfect for keeping a small dog from running around the car while you drive.

Good Pet Stuff Aquiline Travelin’ Dog Pet Carseat

This carseat is very advanced, but if you love your pets you will not mind using it. It provides additional safety and can be used for smaller dogs or cats. Harness straps are placed within it and beneath it, there are small legs that can open from 10 to 14 inches.

Some people treat their pets as if they are their children. If you feel the same then this carseat is perfect for you.

Bergan Car Pet Travel Barrier


This is a good way to keep your dog or cat in the back seat. The barrier is well ventilated and comes with upper and lower vents for additional air circulation and ventilation. Your pet is not only to be safe in your back seat but will also be well ventilated and feel cool at the same time.

K&H Bucket Booster Pet Car Seat

This is a great seat for your pet and comes with additional features. First of all, it is high enough so your pet can have a view while driving. It comes with a pet collar or harness where you can secure your dog.

An additional feature is a seat warmer which can help your pet feel much more comfortable on cold days. Also, it is available in two sizes, so you can choose one depending on the size of your pet.

Kurgo Pet Travel Canine Leash and Zip Line Combo

This is a very ingenious dot security item which allows your dog movability. It is useful for both smaller and bigger dogs and generally allows them to move around the back seat while being driven.

You simply attach the zip line to the upper cargo part of the car and clip on the leash to the collar of your dog. The leash can also be used as a walking leash and helps you take the dog out during frequent pit stops.

Kurgo Pet Travel Back Seat Barrier


This seat barrier is very useful especially if you have a small dog. Keeping your pet in the back seat of the car is important as it will not run around the front part of the car and distract you or fiddle with the controls. That’s why a barrier that can safely keep your pet in the back of the car is a very useful invention to have.

This one particularly is adaptable to almost any model of a car. It can be spread between the front and back seats keeping the dog in the back. If you happen to go for the breaks suddenly, your dog is not going to turn into a projectile that hits the glass.

Small Doggie Seatbelt

As its name says, this seatbelt is specifically designed for smaller dogs. It is tested for dogs of up to 25 pounds and can keep them safe and secure both in the back or the front of the car.

You can connect it with the harness or the collar of your dog and the car seat buckle to keep it tied down. The buckle fits into almost every model that standard cars have. This way your little doggy will not get restless and will not want to run around the whole car.