5 Experts Tips to Find Dog Food Products That Are Truly Healthy

Selecting the best dog food product for your dog really goes a long way into ensuring it leads a healthy and happy life. Ideally, dogs thrive on home cooked meals made using fresh ingredients. There is no debating the fact freshly prepared meals made from chicken, beef, and veggies are significantly better than even the most expensive dog food product out there. However, preparing home cooked meals takes time, something a lot of working pet parents seem to lack desperately.

As you probably know already, dog food products are often not healthy. Some may contain unnecessary fillers while others can contain ingredients that are outright unhealthy. Pet food manufacturers are also known for using an obscene amount of artificial sugar to make their products palatable. But, there are some best tasting dog foods that are healthy as well.

In this post, we reveal 5 tips to find the best dog food for your pet. Armed with the proper info, you will be able to quickly find packs of food that are good whilst avoiding a gallery of unhealthy and overly-processed pet food.


Check the Label for AAFCO Statement

Pet food manufacturers know that pet parents often check the label before deciding to buy their products. This is why they often mislead customers using sneaky terms to make their products sound healthier than they are. What they cannot fake is the AAFCO statement. Issued by the Association of American Feed Control Officials, these are present on all dog food products and it describes if the food is appropriate for dogs. If a pet food product is not balanced the AAFCO statement would say that the product is “supplemental” or for “intermittent” use.

Trust Brands Known to Produce Quality Food Products

A lot of pet parents make the mistake of trusting a new brand without doing any research. New brands often try to attract customers by marketing a “trending” ingredient what they say is the new “superfood” for dogs. More often than not, these are claims not backed up by science. It’s much more advisable to buy a trusted brand that has been on the market for a while and is not associated with any health problems in dogs.

Stay Clear Unscrupulous Sites and Unbelievable Discounts

When buying online dog food products, you need to be extra careful. A lot of unethical sites sell counterfeit versions of popular dog food products at drastically reduced prices. It’s best to trust large online pet food stores who are reputed to stock genuine products.

Don’t Judge Dog Food Products By What it Does Not Contain

Check a few pet food labels and you are sure to find texts that indicate that the product doesn’t contain corn, potato, wheat, and other “unhealthy ingredients”. While you typically want more protein in your dog’s diet, wheat and other carb sources cannot be deemed unhealthy. Instead of focusing on what a product does not contain, read the label and find out what it does.


Buy Small Dog Food Packs to Test them Out

Not every dog food deserve to be tested. If you are confused between a few high-quality dog food items, then it’s time to consider the opinion of your dog. Buy small packs and rate the food based on palatability and digestibility. You also want to look for signs of allergies. Is your dog especially itchy after having a certain food? If so, then reject the dog food that’s causing that.