5 Must Have Items For Your Pet Dog

Dogs certainly are man’s best friend. They give us their undying love and affection and are always ecstatic to see us. Because they treat us with so much love and give us so much happiness, we should give them the best that we can.

Our dogs require food, shelter and sometimes clothing. But we really need to stop and think about what our pets really need and what are some “must have “items for them. Since our dogs can’t tell us what they want, it is up to us to figure it out for ourselves.

With countless shopping options thanks to online stores, it can be easy to shop for your furry friend. And it can also be overwhelming with all of the options available. Since you want to provide the best that you can, let’s take a look at some necessary items for your best friend.

1.Dog bowls and feeders


Dogs love food almost as much as they love their owners. So for dogs, meal time is extremely important. And although you might have spent a lot of time researching the right food, you should put the same thought into their bowls.

A really nice option is a bowl system that contains 2 bowls side by side. One bowl is used for food and the other for clean drinking water. This type of set is usually on a raised table, a few inches off of the ground. For some dogs, the raised food table makes eating easier for them and is better for their digestion.

If you opt not to use a raised food bowl table, be sure to invest in a good quality food bowl. Since your dog will be eating out of them a few times a day, look for ones that are easily washed or machine washable. It is important to their bowls clean to help prevent sickness. For these bowls it is also helpful to have a wide, sturdy, non-slip base. Dogs are enthusiastic eaters!

2.Grooming tools

All dogs have fur. And that is where the similarities end! There are dogs with long hair, short hair, curly hair, fine hair….and all of them need proper grooming. It is very important that you invest in a set of quality grooming brushes.  

Some brushes will be used when your dog is shedding. Shedding rakes help eliminate a lot of loose fur. There are also smaller brushes for everyday brushing to help keep Fido’s coat shiny. And there are grooming tools to help remove knots and tangles. Removing knots is important, as is daily brushing since this helps prevent the fur from becoming matted.

3. Beds and Baskets


You may or may not want your dog to sleep with you. But no matter your feelings on that, your dog deserves to have their own space to curl up and sleep. Dog beds, or baskets if you have a small breed dog, help dogs to feel safe and secure. This is a spot he will go to when he is tired, cold or afraid (Fourth of July fireworks can be very scary for dogs).

If you have an older dog, there are dog beds with extra support in them or they are heated-which are great options for dogs with arthritis. After giving you many faithful years, he should have a comfortable place to rest his sore bones.

4.Dog Houses

Dog houses are a thoughtful touch for outdoor dogs. Even if your dog comes in at night, he might still spend hours outside each day. A dog house can provide him with shade and offer him shelter when it is raining or snowing. It is also nice for him to have his own space.

There are some houses that are meant to be for indoors and some for outdoors. You might find some have houses for dogs have windows and ventilation systems and fake grass in the front. Others are simply a comfy cushion house or an outdoor one with mesh lining and a zipper. Bottom line is, if your dog likes to be outside for long hours or you keep him inside for long hours, he deserves a respite from the elements.

5. Clothing


Yes, dogs have fur. But there are instances when your friend needs a little bit more. Clothing for dogs is abundant. You can buy your dog Halloween costumes, booties for the paws, sweaters for winter, rain jackets and a simple bandana.

It is true that dogs may not need a Halloween costume, although some are hilarious. However, even a Labrador enjoys going for a walk on a frigid January morning with a nice sweater to keep him warm. If you have a small dog, then sweaters are even more important since it will help them to retain body heat and stay warm.

Booties to protect the paws are almost always a smart choice for dogs. Wearing booties help protect his paws from cuts and scrapes from garbage while walking, can help prevent him from tracking mud into the house when walking on rainy days and during the winter booties protect his paws from ice and harsh melting chemicals.


You and your dog will hopefully enjoy many happy years together. Do your best to make sure your best friend is healthy and well cared for and he will stick by your side. These are some of the best items that dog’s love and are a must have for any pooch owner.