7 Mistakes That Shorten Your Pets Life

As a pet parent, you know what I mean when I say my pets mean the most to me. My pet has been by my side for the past six years, and now I can’t imagine my life without them as I share my happiness and sadness with them, but many different mistakes are made by different pet parents that have a significant impact on the life of your pet.

These mistakes are usually made by parents who do not do their homework or proper research before adopting a pet but don’t worry. I am here to tell you about some of the most common mistakes made by pet parents that may shorten their pet’s lives. Some of those mistakes are as follows.

You Let Your Pet Gain Too Much Weight

Obesity is not suitable for animals. An animal gains weight because of what you have been feeding them, or because of no exercise, then that is a huge red flag.

The extra weight can lead to breathing problems and may not let them move as quickly as they would, plus it needs to be remembered that animals have a different system of breaking food as to humans. Hence, they need to eat various kinds of food that will help them not gain fat but be healthy.

As a pet parent, you must not let your pet gain weight, for it can take or shorten their life if no quick action is taken.


You Skip Their Annual Checkups

Annual checkups are essential for your pets. There can be something going on inside your pet, even if they seem to be fine on the outside. Taking your pet to the vet may seem to increase the lifespan of your pet as they can point out how the existing problems have reduced or there is any chance of improvement or a new problem may arise in the future.

The vet can be an expensive expense, but you need to keep a budget for your pet and strictly follow it for giving them a longer and healthier life.

Feeding Your Pet Leftovers From Your Dinner Table

We eat different things every day, and while we eat, it is widespread for pets to sit by our side and look at us with those innocent eyes. So you may be eating steak, and you may put it into their mouth unconsciously, which is wrong.

An animal’s system is not similar to that of a human being, they digest food at a different speed, and some foods are not healthy for their growth and can affect them mentally. Therefore, it is necessary not to give them any food off the table or any food that you are eating.

Make a rule to feed them their food only. Giving them food off the table can ruin their habits too, and they may want food every time you are on the table again, which can be embarrassing in some places.


Not Letting Your Pet Socialize With Other Pets

You may be scared as your pet can be shorter than others or may get bullied, but this is wrong. Pets such as dogs and cats have a huge tendency to develop depression and anxiety that can lead to isolation and irritable behavior. Therefore, it is necessary to let your pet socialize with others of their kind or wherever they are comfortable.

If your pet is getting bullied or being abused, you can change the place where you take them out for relaxing and bonding.

Leaving Your Pets Unsupervised in the Open

Your pet is one of your best friends, but expecting them to stay indoors even when you are sure they love you and will never leave you is irresponsible behavior on your side. Leaving your pet unsupervised in the open means they can run away from your place. They can come in front of a car, or they can be wandering on the streets without any food, and they can eat something which is unhealthy or poisonous.


Forgetting About Flea or Tick Prevention

Flea or tick can spread diseases that can take your pet’s life; therefore, it is essential to take them to the vet and get them vaccinated by their doctor. Try to keep your pet clean by bathing them regularly and stop them from hanging out in dirty places. Make sure that your dog stays away from any diseases that can have an impact on his life by keeping a close eye on their activities.

Making Your Pet a Passive Smoker


If you smoke and while you smoke, your pet sits by your side, then you are pushing your pet into the dark pit of death yourself. Animals can’t contain smoke as it can increase the risk of cancer and respiratory failure in them, therefore, it is necessary to either quit smoking or not smoke in front of them to give them a healthier life.

Your pets love you for who you are, but it is your responsibility to keep them safe and sound, you can find out more facts about your pet by visiting Obey My Cat. Work hard and do whatever it takes to give them a loving home and a healthier life.

Author’s Bio:

This post is written by Taylor Starc, who is an animal behaviorist and a certified pet trainer. He has been working at Animal Training Academy in Montreal for ten years now. Apart from his professional life, he likes to read and write blogs in his leisure time. You can read some of his best pieces at https://obeymycat.com/.