Are Cane Corsos Good With Children?

Cane Corsos do not have a good rep when it comes to being friendly dogs! That is why a lot of people wonder if it is good or not to let their children close to this dog. But for the most part, it is just a misunderstanding. A Cane Corso is a family dog, first and foremost, but is it really a good idea to keep it close to your children?

If we look at the history of these dogs we can see that they have never been used for fighting. This is a type of a breed which was developed as a working dog. Hence their nature to always look for something to do and the tendency to dig holes when they are bored. But a Cane Corso is a loyal dog as well, one that will never harm its master or its family.

The fact remains that these types of dogs are really friendly and they serve as great house pets. They are also there to protect each member of their family and the entire household. They are particularly fond of their masters, or the person who raised a trained them. If somebody attacks or tries to harm their master, well that person should think twice before doing that. Cane Corsos can become overly protective and aggressive if somebody tries to hurt the people they love.

In a family environment, a Cane Corso is a perfect dog. They are great family pets, even for their size. If you raise them properly and introduce them to different experiences early on you will get a Cane Corso which is very docile, obedient and lovable.

Under these circumstances, a Cane Corso is a good dog to keep around your children. Once they form a bond with the family it will never break. So a Cane Corso will do anything to protect the children and the entire family. They can also play around with the kids and will love spending their time with them.

But a Cane Corso is a very serious dog when it comes to training. It is not really for beginners and you really have to be careful how you train them in order to get the best out of them. Early socialization with people, other dogs of different sizes and other animals will boast well for your dog. You also have to teach it discipline and show them who the boss is early on.

If not properly trained, a Cane Corso may start displaying aggressive behavior. They can be particularly aggressive towards strangers and people that they are not familiar with. They will also form a tendency to chase and bark at other animals and dogs. If raised in an unwelcoming environment, a Cane Corso may develop an aggressive personality and form various unhealthy habits.

There was an instance where two Cane Corso dogs attacked a jogger in the park. The man managed to get away but was injured in the process. This is one of the reasons why Cane Corsos have a bad reputation as being overly aggressive. But in the said case, these two dogs did not get the proper care and training a regular Cane Corso dog would.

There are other instances when these types of dogs have shown to be more aggressive than they actually needed to be. But all of the violent cases credited to these dogs are a result of them being improperly raised. There has never been a recorded instance of a Cane Corso attacking or biting a member of the family. A Cane Corso will always cherish the ones it loves the most.


So can you really let your children near a Cane Corso? The answer is YES! But bear in mind that a Cane Corso coming from a different home or one that has been raised in different conditions may pose a threat. So the best way would be to only let your kids close to your Cane Corso dogs. If you raise them from a pup and keep them around your kids when they are young, you will end up with a great family pet and a fabulous guard dog.