Australian Labradoodle Dog

The Australian Labradoodle is a hybrid type of a dog that originates from Australia. It is a dog breed completely separate from the Labradoodle, although people get often confuse and think that it is the same breed. In fact, there are more different types of Labradoodle breeds that exist. It all started with an original Labradoodle which used a Labrador and a Poodle in order to crossbreed the dog. These were the first generation dogs of its kind. But while adding second and third generation dogs we got to a part when breeds had to be separated. Thus we get the Early Generation Labradoodle, American Labradoodle and the UK Labradoodle.


Australian Labradoodle

But the Australian Labradoodle is a species which developed separately from the others. It does have the same combination as the others. But it only stats with a mix of a Labrador and a Poodle, as other dog breeds that have been added include an English Cocker Spaniel, an American Cocker Spaniel, a Curly Coat Retriever and an Irish Water Spaniel.

History & Origins

As we mentioned, the Australian Labradoodle has developed separately from others in Australia. The dog breed was developed in Beverly Manners of Rutland Manner/Tegan Park. The two were fans of the original Labradoodle and decided to improve some characteristics of the original dog by adding other breeds to it. They started off their research in 1980 and began adding other dog breeds to the mix in order to improve the temperament, the coat, the size of the dog and the overall characteristics.


6 Months Old Australian Labradoodle

After successfully mixing the breeds, the standards for the Australian Labradoodle were established and officially accepted in 1997. Based on those standards, the officially mix for the Australian Labradoodle incudes a Poodle, a Labrador Retriever, an Irish Water Spaniel, a Curly Coat Retriever, an American Cocker Spaniel and an English Cocker Spaniel. But there are other unofficial additions which have added other spaces, like Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and a Portuguese Water Dog.

Australian Labradoodle Characteristics & Temperament

The Australian Labradoodle is a very intelligent and loyal type of a dog. They are also affectionate and active and enjoy spending time with people. If you establish yourself as a clear pack leader and train this dog properly you will have an obedient and balanced dog for your household. Training is not hard but you should follow all the necessary steps in order to train them properly. They can easily learn tricks and are highly trainable, but if you do not act as a pack lead, the dog will try to outsmart you. On the other hand, they are good with kids and enjoy playing with them.

Since the Australian Labradoodle is an active and energetic dog, you should provide it with a lot of exercises. Take them on walks as much as you can, because short walks may not do the trick sometimes. They like playing and running around and will seek to do that. Their energy levels need to be matched because if you don’t you will be experiencing some unusual and bad temperament changes with the dog.

Appearance, Colors, Size

The Australian Labradoodle does look much different compared to other Labradoodles breeds. The size is the only thing which is similar, but even that cannot be confirmed as being adaptable. The standard size for these dogs is 22 – 24 inches (53 – 60 cm) for both males and females. The weight of a male is between 55 – 77 pounds (25 – 35 kg) and females weigh 45 – 60 pounds (20 – 27 kg).


Black Australian Labradoodle

Unfortunately for the Australian Labradoodle, they do shed their coats. Original Labradoodle dogs have gone through more crossbreeding the Australian strain. This situation here is that the Australian one may require more years to pass in order for them to become dogs who do not shed so much and become hypoallergenic. This is a common misunderstanding when it comes ot the Australian Labradoodle.

Australian Labradoodle Health

When it comes to health of the Australian Labradoodle, the idea was to improve it. And in all accounts they succeeded. The Australian kind is a little bit sturdier than the original one since it has added more breeds to the mix. But the original one has longevity to consider. The fact of the matter is that het lifespan of the Australian Labradoodle is between 13 and 15 years, which beats the original one by a few years.


Caramel Australian Labradoodle Puppy

The most common and problematic health conditions that you have to worry about include HD, PRA, VonWilabrands, and elbow and patella disorders.

Grooming & Shedding

As mentioned, the Australian Labradoodle does shed, but the amount that it sheds is not so concerning. In fact it is no so hard to clean after them as you will probably need to do it much lesser than you thought you would. When it comes to grooming, you will have more work to do than regularly. Their curly coats need brushing and trimming. You will have to brush them and maintain them on a regular basis so you keep them clean and not let their hair get tangled. Also clipping the hair from time to time will help you dog look neat and not shaggy. You should clip the hair around their eyes in order to avoid eye irritation and also make sure to clip their nails regularly.

Price and Breeders

The Australian Labradoodle does not come cheap. The price goes from about a 1,000 dolalrs and goes all the way above 2,500 dollars for the most quality pups. The best and most sutiale dogs and breeders are fond in Australia, the home of the breed.


4 Weeks Old Australian Labradoodle Puppies

Australian Labradoodle Rescue

The alternative way of getting an Australian Labradoodle is through adoption. Luckily, rescue groups exits both in Australia and out. The most famous rescue group established so far is Labradoodles Rescue Australia. Their Facebook page will give you all the necessary details about the how to adopt one and what to look for in a dog.