Basset fauve de Bretagne Dog Breed Facts

Basset fauve de Bretagne is a small type of a hound with short legs. It is characterized by being stocky and rough-coated but also for being very energetic and demanding for its size. These dogs have been bred to be hunting dogs and are essentially scent-hounds.


Male Basset fauve de Bretagne

Their origin draws them way back to the ancient kingdom of Brittany in today’s France. They are also known by the name Fawn Colored Brittany Basset.

History & Origins

The Basset fauve de Bretagne has its origin from France. It was bred in Brittany a long time ago for the purpose of hunting. The dog was a favorite on the royal court and was very useful due to its high sense of smell and the ability to track and find its prey. It is said that the Basset fauve de Bretagne originated from the larger Grand Fauve de Bretagne, a breed which is today extinct.


Basset fauve de Bretagne Running

There are also rumors that after WWII the breed was very close to extinction and that breeders had to make due to save the breed. They used the remaining Basset fauve de Bretagne dogs and crossbred them with Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen and standard wirehaired Dachshunds. This is one of the origins for the modern breed of the Basset fauve de Bretagne, but the French club denies this story stating that it is untrue and that the breed was never close to extinction. Whatever the case may be, the breed is pretty steady now and its numbers are holding.

Basset fauve de Bretagne Characteristics & Temperament

The Basset fauve de Bretagne is a very joyful, energetic and playful dog. They like jumping around and running around and have a lot of energy that they need to consume. These type of dogs are very willing to spend the whole day simply playing. They do enjoy the company of their human masters and will also play around with children. But you should watch when you walk this dog as it may constantly pull the leash.

This is why training is important. In its heart the Basset fauve de Bretagne is a scent hound and sometimes its primary instincts can overpower it. So if you manage to train it from early age and provide it with enough experience and things to stimulate his mind, you will end you with an obedient dog. They are not really good when they are kept in confinement so if you have a big yard, these dogs will certainly enjoy it.

Appearance, Colors, Size

The Basset fauve de Bretagne is a small dog which has a similar build as the Basset Hound. The main difference of course is that this dog is a lot smaller and lighter. These dogs can reach a height of 32 to 38 cm and weight somewhere between 36 and 40 lbs.


Basset fauve de Bretagne

They are wire-coated and have a very coarse and harsh coat. The dense fur may in some situations also require striping, depending on the type. The hair on the ears is shorter, but also darker and finer compared to the rest of the body. They also have long ears that can reach the tip of their noses. These dogs also have dark eyes and it is preferred that they do not have a crock on their front legs. The color options that mostly appear include red-wheaten or fawn.

Basset fauve de Bretagne Health

Speaking about the health of the Basset fauve de Bretagne, their life span ranges to about 10 years. It is in some sense a bit low for a dog of this size but on the other hand it is still perfectly normal for a purebred breed of this kind. The leading cause of death for these dogs is still cancer, but there are some other conditions that might be consider. Heart failure and kidney failure is also very bad for these dogs. Other problems that these dogs can have are related to reproductive, aural and ocular issues.

Grooming & Shedding

The Basset fauve de Bretagne is described as being a “wash-and-wear” type of a dog. Which means that you do not have to provide it with too much of maintenance. Their coarse coats are resistant to matting and can also repeal dirt. If you have a long haired one, you should hand strip the hair during shedding seasons.


6 Months Old Basset fauve de Bretagne

But other ones only need regular, weekly brushing with a fine comb. Shedding is seasonal and during those periods you might need to provide it with more brushing their usually. Clipping their nails is also very important and you need to brush their teeth and check their ears regularly.

Price and Breeders

The Basset fauve de Bretagne is a type of dog breed which is now found in various places in the world. The major breeders were fist found in France, but now you can get them in Canada, America and the UK. If you are interested in this type of a dog, then you have to be aware that it might cost between 600 USD to 800 USD per puppy.


Basset fauve de Bretagne Puppies

Basset fauve de Bretagne Rescue

If you want to rescue a Basset fauve de Bretagne, it is pretty easy to do so. AKC Breed Clubs has a subsidiary in almost every state of America while 450 AKC Rescue Network groups also provides its services. These organizations are here to help both the people and the hounds by finding them a suitable home.