The Beauceron is a large type of a dog with a pointy head and pointy ears. It was bred as a working dog with and has its origins in the Northern parts of France. It is also a great guard dog and also found its use as a herding dog. Besides going by its standard name people also refer to it as the French Shorthaired Shepherd, or it’s more common names like “Berger de Beauce,” meaning sheepdog from Beauce, and “Bas Rouge,” which translates as “red stockings.”

Beauceron History & Origins

The Beauceron originates from the Northern part of France. The Beauceron is originally a sheep herding dog and both it and the Briard have the same kind of origins. They both hail from the same part of France and their purpose was the same. This is why they have the same ancestor. But it is actually a misconception that the dog hails directly from the area that the name it carries.


Female Beauceron Dog

Nevertheless, the breed was mainly developed to serve as a sheep herding dog. But its purpose was later expanded to it being a working dog. It served as a guard dog equally well and has been involved in world wars as well. It was a supply dog, a land mine detection dog, a transport dog, and today it also serves as a rescue dog and a police dog.

Characteristics & Temperament

The Beauceron breed is described as being very calm, intelligent, fearless and gentle. They are really good as guard dogs and are often weary of strangers. If you train them properly, they will actually wait for a cue from their handle so they react if a stranger appears. They are not really sharper but nor are they shy when it comes to new situations.


Male Beauceron Dog

Due to their intelligence, they can learn quite fast. They are able to learn tricks and understand cues. The high level of trainability they possess makes them really good pets and perfect for the household. They enjoy staying both inside and outside of the house equally. One of the thing you need to be aware of is that they develop slowly. It will take them a while to reach both mental and physical maturity. That is way you should not rush their training and try doing it after they are 3 years old. Playing with the dog 5 to 10 minutes a day actually works much better than having it do a vigorous exercise.

Beauceron Appearance, Colors, Size

Generally speaking, Beauceron dogs are small in size. They can grow to be about 61 to 70 cm in height and weigh about 30 to 45 kg.

They have a very rough over coat while a furry undercoat is found underneath. Their fur will grow thick in cold weather and will that way protect the dogs. Some standard colors include black and tan, grey and harlequin. There are some other colors but these are not acceptable and are deemed as not standard for the dogs.


Black and Tan Beauceron

One of the main characteristic of a Beauceron are declaws. Even though many owners decide to remove them, on shows they will only accept double dewclaws that form well-separated “thumbs” with nails on each rear leg. Ear cropping has been used in the past but is no longer allowed in Europe.

Beauceron Health

There is not really much to say about the health of the Beauceron breed except that it is healthy. They are hardy dogs and do not suffer from any specific ailments. Their lifespan has been calculated to be somewhere between 10 to 12 years, which is pretty okay for a dog of this size. As far as some conditions and health issues the dogs will have problems with hip dysplasia, which is usually for their size. Owners also have to watch out for bloat.

Grooming & Shedding

The Beauceron breed is one of the easiest ones to take care of. First of all, they are average shedders and will only shed heavily during transitional period. This may happen twice a year. At that point make sure to brush the coat of the dog on a daily basis to remove the dead hair and keep your apartment clean. But if the dog is not shedding, frequent brushes are really not necessary. The Beauceron does not require any specific treatment and even bathing it is only done a few times a year. Or course, make sure to clip the nails of your dog from time to time.

Price and Breeders

Today the Beauceron breed is really widespread around the world. You can find breeders away from France and they are most commonly found in Canada as well. These dogs are still used for various kinds of activities and have not shed their working dog title, making them really valuable. That is why their price is between 1,200 dollars and 1,500 dollars for a puppy.


Beauceron Puppy

Beauceron Rescue

You can easily find and rescue a Beauceron so you do not have to spend all that money on a dog. Rescuing dogs has become quite a common practice for a lot of people. Now you find all sorts of breeds to adopt and Beauceron is one of them. Check out the pages of Rescue Me! Beauceron Rescue and the American Beauceron Club for added details about this. There are many dogs waiting for you to adopt them.