Best Tasting Dog Food For all Dog Breeds

Dogs can be like children. They either like eating almost anything you put in front of them but they can also be quite the opposite and be picky about their food. Some will literally behave like kids and start pushing the food that you put in their bowl leaving it half-eaten, while others will gladly eat even something you would rather throw in the garbage.

But if your dog is a picky eater, there are ways for you to stimulate them and get them to eat nourishing food that will also keep their health. Sometimes trying the best tasting dog food might not be enough, but it certainly helps to try with the most famous brands at first.


Is My Dog a Picky Eater?

First thing’s first. You have to determine if your dog is really a picky eater. Because in some cases it could depend on the quality of the food or a certain condition that the dog is going through.

When it comes to smaller dogs, some of them don’t actually eat as much food you would expect them to. As you can see on, certain dog breeds have to care differently. Smaller dogs have lesser appetites and don’t consume as much food as bigger. It mostly depends on their weight and it could be even worse for their health to overfeed them.

So if you notice that your dog is generally healthy and has a shiny coat as it should, that is a sign that they are getting enough nutrition. However, if the dog has been active and is not eating after all that activity, it could be a sign of it being a picky eater. Additionally, if you notice your dog losing weight and not eating all the food you give them, it might also be a sign that they don’t like the food they are getting.

Sometimes Tasty Dog Food is Not a Problem Because it is Medical

In some cases, your dog might just not be feeling well. In fact, it could be that your dog is having some medical issues that you are not aware of. If your dog usually consumes the food that you give it without a fuss and suddenly starts eating less or doesn’t like the food you give it, it is a clear sign that something is wrong.

In this case, you will need to consult your veterinarian. The best-case scenario will be that the problem is with the food you are giving it. But you would check with a professional in order to eliminate a medical condition first.


How To Encourage a Dog to Eat?

In order to encourage your dog to eat you should first determine the root of the problem.

When it comes to smaller dogs, the problem usually lies in overfeeding your dog. So in order to encourage it to eat regularly and have enough food, you should determine the rations the dog gets. Feed the dog regularly and don’t give it table scraps or unscheduled meals.

Determine the type of food your dog likes. Whatever the breed is the best-tasting food for a dog is usually the one which is high in calories. Meat-based dog good products are the ones they are interested in the most. You should determine the one your dog likes the most and stick to it.

Dogs depend on their sense of smell. Sometimes not eating or picking the food that you serve them will depend on the smell of the given food. You should think about adding some aroma to the food you give them to make it more appealing to them or combine it with some wet food.

Best Tasting Dry Food Products for Dogs

If you have determined that your dog is a picky eater, you could change to a premium brand and see how that helps. Some of the best examples include:

Buffalo Blue High Wilderness High Protein Dry Dog Food


Picky eaters are always encouraged by real meat. This is why this brand is good to encourage these types of dogs to eat as it has real meat chunks in a high-protein blend. Many dogs like this brand and it is a tasty one for various breeds.

Fromm Gold Dry Dog Food


This tasty dog food comes from Fromm and is one of the best, yet costlier, premium brands of dog food currently. It comes in various versions so all types of dogs, whether small or big, can enjoy it. It uses high-quality ingredients and usually offers fresh duck, lamb, chicken, whole eggs and cheese as a good selection of quality protein choices.

Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food


This type of dog food provides one of the most popular premium formulas on the market. It provides a grain-free formula combed with complex crabs in sweet potatoes and peas. The blend is quite easy on the stomach of your dog and tasty at the same time.