Black Mouth Cur

A Black Mouth Cur is a medium to large all-around dog. It was developed in the Southeastern part of the United States with the aim to help farmers in their various needs. The harsh terrain of the American Southeast is not forgiving to many animals, so this dog has specific characteristics that make it perfect for this area.


Male Black Mouth Cur

They are strong, enduring and fearless. They are used for herding livestock, tracking and hunting game, and also providing protection to your home. But the Black Mouth Cur is also a very affectionate animal which will do anything to please its master.

History & Origins

The history of the Black Mouth Cur is vague and it depends from the place and Kennel Club. That is why the stories mostly vary on how the dogs originated. There are Southern Black Mouth Cur from Alabama, Foundation Black Mouth Cur from Texas, Ladner Yellow Black Mouth Cur from Mississippi, and the Florida Black Mouth Cur.

The first Black Mouth Cur to be registered was the Ladner Black Mouth Cur, with the paperwork provided by L.H. Ladner in 1964. The Texas Black Mouth Cur is supposed to originate from types of curs that were used for herding cattle and the paperwork for them was submitted by the Big Thicket Legacy. The Florida Black Mouth Cur is a well-established dog coming from Florida and it actually has a long history already established there.


Black Mouth Cur Puppy

The Southern Black Mouth Cur is believed to originally come from Alabama, although there are some in Tennessee and Florida. These are referred to as Howard Line of Southern Black Mouth Curs and they come with all the legislative documentation that comes with them. It is believed that they breed here for well over a 100 years and that their use was not much different form the modem version.

Characteristics & Temperament

The Black Mouth Cur is a very sensitive and affectionate dog. They are very much connected to their masters and the best way to train them is to first spend a few weeks with them in order to form a bond with them. After that training can being. They are very social dogs and particularly like being around humans. They will do anything for their masters and will protect the home and the family. This also makes them great pets to have around your kids. The Black Mouth Cur also does not like being left alone for long periods of time. Being that they are social dogs, you have to make sure that you are around them and keep them company and not leave them alone for extended periods of time.


Black Mouth Cur Face

The Black Mouth Cur is not a lazy dog. They are working dogs and need to be given things to do in order not to become anxious. They also need a lot of exercises. The best way to keep them is in a yard where they can run around and have stuff to do. Walking them and playing with them is sometimes not enough and you need to make sure that they have lots of things to do not to get bored.

Black Mouth Cur Appearance, Colors, Size

The Black Mouth Cur has a distinctive appearance that you would expect from a dog with a “cur” tag. It has a short coat, dropped ears, a rough coat which helps it do all the work that it has been developed for. The size of the dog is somewhere around 18 inches (45cm) for male dogs, and 16 inches (41cm) for female dogs. Their weight is about 40 lbs (18 kg) for males and 35 lbs (16 kg) for females.

These dogs are generally very muscular and rugged and their coats are rough as well. They are this way because it allows them to do all the work that they have been developed for. Their coats are short and they usually come in various colors and shades. All shades of fawn from nearly white to mahogany while solid white and piebald colors, although they exist, are not allowed.

Black Mouth Cur Health

Being that the Black Mouth Cur is a very rugged dog it also makes them very sturdy to some illnesses. They are quite capable in surviving certain conditions and can adapt to them quite easily. But there are still some illnesses and some genetically inherited types of conditions that can be a problem for them. Every owner should know that ear infections, epilepsy, mange, hip dysplasia, and cataracts are what affects the Black Mouth Cur. But if you tend to them regularly and if you make sure to provide them with regular vaccination and trips to the vet, you will not have a problem. The lifespan of a Black Mouth Cur is somewhere between 12 and 18 years long.

Grooming & Shedding

The rough coat that a Black Mouth Cur possesses requires very little grooming. In fact, some even never get to experience any professional treatments as they do not need to. They do shed moderately throughout the year with two periods of heavy shedding which are in winter and summer. But in regular situations the dogs shed moderately. Nevertheless, to keep their coats neat you should give them regular brushing and it is even okay to do it once a week.


Adult Black Mouth Cur

There are other things that you need to do for your dog as well. Regular nail trimming is also important and should be done. They are susceptible to both ear and eye infections. Dogs who like spending a lot of time outside might get dirt inside their eyes and ears. Make sure to regularly clean their ears and eyes so you prevent any infections.

Black Mouth Cur Price and Breeders

A Black Mouth Cur is considered as very valuable working dog. But their prices are still not that high. You can get a dog for a price between 300 and 500 dollars. Also, there are many places to get one and breeders exist in various states of the entire US.


Black Mouth Cur Puppies


Rescuing a Black Mouth Cur is a much more suitable choice compared to getting a small dog. The price is much lower and now there is not a lot of fuss when it comes to adoption. Black Mouth Cur Rescue allows you to find a shelter in each state of America and find a dog close to you.