Boerboel Dog Breed Facts

A Boerboel is typically a large dog with a blocky head and long legs. It is a breed which originates from South Africa also noticeable by its name. Its name, “boerboel,” literally translates from Afrikaans as “farm dog.” Its original purpose was to defend the household from any animals or pests that might come by.

Based on its size and original purpose, Boerboel dogs are considered as great guard dogs, as they are supposed to protect homesteads from any intrusion. Boer dogs are large, muscular, but also very loyal and faithful animals. Besides going by its original name Boerboel, these dogs are also called Boer Dogs or also South African Mastiffs.


Black Boerboel

History & Origin

No body actually knows the exact date and the origin of Boerboel dogs but there are some assumptions that are very plausible. Actually, a Boer dog is a mixture between a local African landrace dog and different breeds brought from Europe by the settlers, most likely bulldogs. The settlers who came from France, the Netherlands and Britain brought their own dogs. Thus it was determined that the Boer dog that we have today is a cross-mixture of those dogs which came with their masters.

These dogs were initially meant to be farmer dogs, which is stated by their name. They are quite capable of defending the home front from much larger animals. In turn they started being used in military posts as guard dogs which allowed them to help the army against unwanted visitors and also various kinds of animals which threated the area. These dogs were also used in hunting leopards and baboons, as they are pretty strong and capable of fighting with much larger animals.


Boerboel Female Dog and Newborn Puppies

Boerboel Characteristics & Temperament

Although Boerboels are pretty loyal dogs and can be very good with children, they are not at all easy to train. Boerboels are usually very hard to maintain and are not for beginners or unexperienced trainers. These dogs are actually very prone to pulling the leash and chewing. That is why they can be very territorial and dominant, so you need experience in order to handle them properly. If you want to breed this type of a dog you yourself need to be very assertive and confident.

You also need specific conditions which include a lot of space or a bigger kennel for a dog of this size. The dog needs to maintain its muscles and needs a lot of room to exercise. Proper training is very important here and without a firm hand and enough training space, you should not embark on the task of training a Boer dog. So if you are wondering, “Is this dog right for me?” Consider the given personality traits of this dog and see if you can adapt to them.


Boerboel puppy

Appearance, Colors, Size

Boerboel dogs are large and very muscular. They have thick bone density and are mostly characterized by having a blocky head. The head is not too overdone and it has a short space between the stop and the nose. These dogs have a confident stature upon looking at them, and should be very symmetrical and balanced.

The outer coat of a Boerboel dog is usually coarse and straight. As far as the undercoat comes, it is much softer and denser than the overcoat, but it is also darker, which allows added protection from the Sun. The coat is generally short, smooth, dense, soft and shiny. It is usually brown but can vary to different kinds of shades of brown and red. They usually have a darker tone or mask around their mouths which extends towards their ears.


Brindle Boerboel

In terms of their size, a Boerboel can grow up to be very large. Their height is estimated between 22 to 28 inches for a fully grown dog, while their weight could amount to somewhere between 110 to 200 pounds. It is a large dog to say the least.

Boerboel Health

Generally speaking, Boerboel dogs are of very good health. There are some minor conditions and types of diseases that affect them. These include occasional hip or elbow dysplasia, ectropion, vaginal hyperplasia and entropion. Recently it was reported that Boerboel dogs also suffer from juvenile epilepsy and has become much more apparent in contemporary times. The behavior and comportment may also change over time but the lifespan of a Boerboel dog is about 10 to 12 years.


Male Boerboel Dog

Grooming & Sheding

Generally speaking Boerboel dogs do not shed so much and are very easy to groom. To maintain a Boerboel, you have to provide it with occasional grooming, with monthly baths and nail trims. Boerboel dogs are very easy to maintain and you will most likely not need to spend much time grooming this type of a dog.

Boerboel Puppies Price & Breeders

If you want to get a Boerboel puppy, there are many ways for you to do so. There are many breeders all over the world. Most of them are in its country of origin of South Africa, but you can find them in America as well. As far as the price goes, it goes between $1500 and $2000 USD on average.


Boerboel White Puppy


But owning a dog does not always have to mean buying one and there are various ways that you can adopt or rescue a Boerboel. This is a method that many people have already tired and there are various places that you can do that. You can check out Boerboel Rescue Network South Africa or Giant Paws Boerboel Rescue, Inc. for information as they provide the most that anyone can give you if you want to rescue a Boer dog.