Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a small, non-sporting breed of dog. It was originally bred for fighting almost a century ago, but that past is behind it. It is mainly a companion dog and serves as a loveable and affectionate pet. What makes this dog distinguishable are its erect years and tuxedo-like markings over its body.


Black Male Boston Terrier

This stoic stature has earned it the nickname “American Gentleman.” They breed was created in America and was immediately highly popular, keeping that status even today. It was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1893.

History & Origins

The Boston Terrie is one of the few dog breeds originating solely from America. The story of the early beginnings of this dog starts back in 1870 Robert C. Hooper got a dog named Judge. The judge had a mixed Bull and Terrier kind of background and had a direct lineage to those types of dogs from the 19th and 20th centuries. The judge soon became to be known as Hooper’s Judge and was the forefather of all Boston Terrier dogs.


Male Boston Terrier

Since Judge was characterized as belonging to the type of dogs then known as the White English Terrie, it was interbred with a French Bulldog. The result is a fighting dog that was a lot smaller in size and although its original demeanor and purpose were meant for violence, the modern version is an affectionate and non-aggressive kind of a dog. The breed was first sown in 1870 and in 1889 the Boston Terrier Club was created. The American Kennel Club recognized the breed in 1893 but did not give such a big importance to the markings. But later, the standards were rewritten and the color and the markings of a dog were standardized and are still followed today.

Boston Terrier Characteristics & Temperament

A Boston Terrier is a very happy and playful dog. They have a very merry attitude and can be very easily trained. The aggressiveness of their forefathers has been bred out of them and they display a much calmer and affectionate disposition now. Even though they were bred to be fighting and hunting dogs, they are now really good companion dogs. They are friendly and like being around people and will also do everything to please their masters. This dog is characterized for being quiet and do not tend to bark so much. This makes them perfect dogs for an apartment.

Training is very easy as a Boston Terrier is obedient. You still need to train it as early on, when they are still puppies. They follow orders quite decently but can be stubborn at times. Socialization will help them become well-rounded dogs and they do not mind the company of children and other dogs nor animals. It also serves the function of being a great watchdog.

Appearance, Colors, Size

The appearance of a Boston terrier is highly distinguishable. They are small and compact dogs with well-proportioned bodies. The head is square and it is followed up with pointy erect ears and a slightly arched neck. Boston Terriers also have a short and gentle muzzle, without any wrinkles, and also a slightly undershot bite. Adding to their stance, they have a broad chest and a short tail.

According to the standard, the weight of a Boston Terries should not exceed 25 pounds and they also need to be between 15 and 17 inches tall. The AKC proposes three weight classes for this dog, with under 15, between 15 and 20, and between 20 and 25 pounds.


Brindle and White Boston Terrier

The established and accepted coloration of the Boston Terrier includes black, seal, brindle, or a combination of all three. Any other color variant is deemed unacceptable. There is a lot of crossbreeding dog so there are a lot of possibilities of a dog having all types of markings. That is why the color standards are very important and taken very seriously when it comes to this breed.

Boston Terrier Health

The Boston Terrier possesses quite a normal lifespan for many standards. It is able to live between 11 and 13 years. Nevertheless, there are some conditions that plague the dog and need to be watched out for. This dog may have a roaching back, which is caused by patella problems. It will not bring the dog in any danger but will result in an uncharacterized look of the dog. They are also very sensitive to too much heat and too much cold. So you need to keep them in conditions suitable for their bodies. Keep in mind that these dogs have a very sensitive digestive system and you should care for their diet.

Grooming & Shedding

Grooming a Boston Terrier is pretty easy to do. They have a short, fine coat which does not shed at all. This makes them great dogs to keep around the house. But to keep them neat, you should brush their coats from time to time. Occasional baths are necessary, but it is not recommended to overdo it.


6 Months Old Boston Terrier

Other forms of grooming include brushing your dog’s teeth and clipping its nails. One important factor is taking care of their eyes. You can wash their faces each day to prevent the possibility of their eyes getting infected. Check the eyes from time to time so you are sure there aren’t any problems.

Boston Terrier Price and Breeders

The price for a single Boston Terrie ranges between 600 and 800 dollars. You will be able to find quality breeders in various places, mostly in America. But there are quality ones available in Canada and certain countries in Europe. The breed is highly valued and makes for a great pet.


6 Weeks Old Boston Terrier Puppy


If you want to do a good deed, you may also consider adopting a Boston Terrier. This is an option that many people are turning to and which saves money and has the same result. You can adopt a pet from various kinds of organizations but the one that we recommend is Alabama Boston Terrier Rescue, Boston Terrier Club of CT Rescue, and Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida. Check their pages out to see what the offers they provide.