Brat Dog – Mixed Breed Dog Info

A Brat is a small sized, hybrid specifically developed to be a designer dog. This breed is fairly young and has yet to be recognized by any official Kennel Club. Instead, the only recognition for now has been given by Dog Registry of America, Inc. Nevertheless, the breed is still a hybrid and does not produce standardized offspring, which does not allow it to be recognized as its own standalone breed.


Brat Dogs

A Brat dog was made by crossbreeding the Boston Terrier and the Rat Terrier. This means that the Brat has a lot of characteristics a Terrier does. Both of its parent breeds were developed to hunt vermin but the Brat only has an esthetic purpose and that of being a family dog or a pet. Their small size and loveable nature help it to be as such.

History & Origins

There is not much to talk about the background of the Brat breed. The one thing that is important is that this breed is a hybrid dog. They were developed by crossing a Boston terrier and a Rat Terrier. The Brat has inherited most of the characteristics of its parent breeds but they are not completely standardized for each dog. The main purpose for making a Brat was to be a designer dog. As many new breeds, or rather hybrid breeds, have been developed for such purpose, they also decided to do that with a Brat.

Brat Dog Characteristics & Temperament

A Brat is a perfect family dog. This is because of many factors and characteristics that they have. They are small dogs so they do well with kids. But they are both intelligence, lively and like people. This was one of the main reason for developing these dogs in the first place. They also have high levels of energy and they have a tendency to run without stopping all day long. They also like playing and they will do that with kids or their hosts.


Brindle and White Brat Dog

Due to their intelligence and obedience, they are not hard to train. You ca easily train a Brat dog and you do not have to have any experience to do so. What is important is that you provide them with a lot of experience so they are socialized with other dogs and people. They may be a bit timid towards strangers at first but this is until they get to know them. They also have an inherited drive instinct towards small animals and they might try and chase other animals, small or their size. Also, when training these dogs, make sure to give them a lot of physical training. Exercise them so they develop their bodies and indulge their high energy levels.

Brat Dog Appearance, Colors, Size

A Brat has both the characteristics of its parent breeds. These dogs have inherited the looks of both the Boston terrier and the Rat Terrie. But some look more like the other. Their muzzles are somehow medium in size compare to their parent breeds. They are not as long as with the Boston terrier and not as short as the Rat Terrier has it. They have triangle ears which are very mobile and their bat-like appearance is perhaps the best way to recognize a Brat.


Black and White Brat Dog

These dogs are small dogs. They have a compact but very muscular body. They are can only grow to be somewhere between 15 and 25 inches and only weigh up to 9 and 15 pounds.

Brat Dog Health

A very interesting fact about the health of the Brat dog is that they are healthier than both of their parent breeds. Their average lifespan is about 15 years, which is longer than the Boston terrier’s and the Rat Terrier’s life expectancy. They still have some congenital problem which have been transferred from their parent breeds.


5 Months Old Brat Dog Puppy

You have to check the muzzle out when they are still very young and these dogs are also probe to eye infections. Everything else is pretty similar to their parents although it does not have to be necessarily so for each and every dog.

Grooming & Shedding

Grooming a Brat will most likely developed from dog to dog. Since this is a hybrid breed, individual dogs may have different characteristics. A Boston terrier sheds less than the Rat Terrier, so it will depend on which breed your Brat dog has most of genetics from. Either way, you will have to provide it brushing and removing the dead hair. But perhaps a more important things is to clean their eyes so you prevent eye infection that these dogs are prone to. Also important are cleaning their teeth and clipping their nails.

Brat Dog Price and Breeders

Brats are small dogs so they generally do not cost so much. You can’t really find an established price for these dogs as they are hybrids and there isn’t a pedigree brand. So generally speaking, a single pup may go up to 200 dollars the most.


Brat Dog Puppy


There are many ways a person can find a get a dog and you can also find Brat breeds in various different way. One of them is adoption and by rescuing some of them. Since the breed has a lot of ways to be developed and breeders are established in various areas, so have shelters been made. One of the most popular ones is Brat Rescue Inc. that provides a very nice offer. Just visiting their Facebook page and you will see what we mean by it.