Broken Legs in Dogs – What to Do?


Dog owners can’t stand the sight of their pets wincing in pain. One of the worst things that a dog may suffer is getting one of their legs broken. Whether you witness it or not it will be equally hurtful for the down owner and the dog itself.

The clearest sign of your dog having a leg broken is wailing, wincing, and cramping. If you notice that your dog does not use one of its legs, has a hard time stepping on it, or is simply dragging it around, it is a clear sign that the dog has a broken limb.

A broken leg in a dog needs to be treated immediately and there are certain things that you need to be aware of it.

Can a Dog’s Broken Leg Heal on its Own?

Broken bones in dogs are similar to broken dogs in humans, or any other begins for that matter. A broken leg will heal on its own. But if not treated properly, the leg might heal awkwardly making long term problems for the dog. Basically making it walk with a limp for the rest of its life.

For the bone to properly heal a vet needs to set it firs and then put it in a splinter. If the injury is graver, surgery may be required.

How do You Fix a Pet’s Broken Leg?

Fixing a dog’s broken leg by yourself is not advised. You should take the dog to a vet so they can access the situation properly. But you can make the dog comfortable but determining where the break is and adding a splint.

The veterinarian will evaluate the break and determine the solution. If an emergency operation is needed they will probably have to remove some of the broken bits of bone that are left. If not, they will set the bone and put it in a cast. In some situations, a vet will determine if the dog needs to be put in a crate rest to help the dog recover faster. If your dog is energetic and doesn’t like to be in a crate, this way of recovery could be complicated, so you should read a guide to crate rest, watch some videos about it and ask your vet for some advice.

Can a Pooch Walk if the Leg is Broken?


Most dogs are not going to walk on a broken leg or a dislocated joint. In fact, this is one of the prime ways of noticing a fracture or a problem with your dog’s leg. The dog will try not to walk and will either limp or will use the other remaining legs to move about. It will most likely be followed by squealing so you will notice that the dog is having some kinds of problems.

Can a Dog Die from a Broken Leg?

Generally speaking, a dog is not going to die from a broken leg. However, if not treated properly and immediately the dog will have significant discomfort walking on that leg. If the bone heals improperly the dog may end up limping or not being able to use that leg at all.

But if the injury is so severe, the dog may face a life-threatening situation. This includes infection which can spread out and eventually kill the dog. However, this is an extreme situation that usually involves an open fracture or an open wound.

Will a Dog Cry If Its Leg Is Broken?

Your dog will definitely let you know that they are having some problems, especially if their legs are broken. Having a broken leg is a painful experience for anybody, not just a dog. If they feel the pain they will definitely squeal and howl to let you know the discomfort they are feeling. If you notice that your dog is crying it is a definite sign that something is wrong and you should act and determine the reason.