Bugg Dog Breed Info

A Bugg is a hybrid type of a dog designed for the purpose of being a companion dog. This designed dog has been developed by breeding a Pugg with a Boston Terrier. Because of its cute demeanor and loveable nature, which it inherits form its parents, the dog has gained a lot of popularity these days.


Male Bugg

It mostly resembles a Pugg and is similar or almost the same size as its parents are. Since this is a designer dog, some of its characteristics as well as its appearance can be hard to predict. They are still not recognized by any Kennel Club officially.

History & Origins

A Bugg is a relatively young type of dog breed. It has been designed with a purpose to be a lap dog or a companion dog. The Bugg was created sometimes during the 2000s when a Pugg was crossbred with a Boston Terrier. There are no exact records on how and who came up with the idea to do so, but it appears that it might have been an accident at first.


Black Bugg

Nevertheless, the breed is highly popular now and has reached heights that no one could have guessed. More and more people are interested in getting one of this loveable dogs and we can truly understand why.

Bugg Characteristics & Temperament

In most cases, Buggs inherit all the traits that their parent breed dogs have. But when it comes to hybrid dogs, it is highly difficult to predict the behavior of a generalized breed of dogs. Nevertheless, these dogs are highly affectionate and fun loving. They are very kind and like being around people. A Bugg will create a bond with its family, especially its master. They like cuddling and playing and will do all kinds of antics in order to attract attention to them. This also makes them great dogs to have around children as they do not mind their company.


Cream Bugg

Since these dogs are so passionate and small. They do have high levels of energy which they need to consume. This is easily done by taking them on short but energetic walks or simply by playing with them. This is also necessary when training them as the more exercise you provide it early on the healthier your dog might be. Training a Bugg does not have to be difficult, the most important things that you do have to watch out for is to give it as much socialization as you can and allow it to gain new experience. A Bugg may also inherit a territorial streak that a Boston Terrier has. This means that it will protect their masters and household as best as they can. With proper training, this too does not have to be a problem for your dog.

Appearance, Colors, Size

A Bugg is a small size dog, but some would even say that it is an average-sized dog for a hybrid one. It can grow up to be around 10 to 17 inches in height and can weigh about 15 to 25 pounds at least.

Their look is in most cases unpredictable as designer dogs go. They do look like a mixture of both their parents and sometimes resemble more one than the other. Either way, most people would agree that these dogs tend to resemble Puggs more. They inherits the same protruding eyes and droopy ears. Although ears can sometimes be erect, but in very few cases.


Brindle Bugg

A Bugg has a short and soft coat and they do not shed a lot. In fact they are average shedders and it is one of the advantages this breed has as people tend to keep it inside the house. As far as color goes, they can come in shades of black, brown and sometimes even white.

Bugg Health

The Bugg inherits many of its traits form its parents and health conditions are also one of them. The Bugg is actually much healthier than both the Pugg and the Boston Terrier breed is, which is something that is usual when it comes to hybrid breeds. Nevertheless, their lifespan is between 10 and 15 years, which gives them a bit of an edge when compared to its parent breeds.

But they have inherited some of the most problematic issues that their parent breeds possess. These incldue problems with their eyes, as Buggs may also inherit protruding eyes like their parents have. They will most likely have breathing problems which is often the issue with smaller dogs like this.

Grooming & Shedding

Grooming is not so hard to do for your Bugg. Since they have short and shiny coats, the only thing that you need to do for them is occasional brushing. This is necessary at least 2 or 3 times a week. They are average shedders and only shed more during the transitional periods of the year.


White Bugg Puppy

Bathing is only necessary once a month and do not tend to overdo it as you might damage the natural coat of the dog. Make sure that you take care of their eyes and that you clean around them. It is also required that you clip their nails and clean their ears if you happened to have one with the droopy ears.

Bugg Price and Breeders

Since Buggs have become so popular in recent years, it is fairly easy to get one. Countless breeders situation in the US and Canada offer their stock of Buggs. The average price for one is about 600 US dollars, but it can get higher depending on the breeder.


Black Bugg Puppy


A different way of getting a Bugg is to adopt one. Rescue groups exist almost in the same number as breeders do. To find a suitable dog for adoption try contacting such organizations as Mae Bell and K9 Kennel Store, which provide one of the best looking offer of dogs for rescuing.