Bull Terrier Breed Info

A Bull Terrier is a dog breed mostly distinguishable for its egg-shaped head. Its unique appearance actually contributed greatly to its popularity. It was originally bred as a fighting dog. But its purpose changed and it became a lovable companion to gentlemen of all sorts.


Brindle Bull Terrier

Today the Bull Terrier is a lovable pet and a family dog. Its original purpose has been long forgotten and most people see it as a perfect companion dog. A Miniature Bull Terrier is a separate breed which shares a lot of characteristics with this bred except being much smaller in size.

Bull Terrier History & Origins

The Bull Terrier draws its origin from 19th century England. At that time. Bull and Terrier breeds were mostly developed for blood sports and hunting vermin. Thus the oldest ancestor of the Bull terrier are the Old English Bulldog and the Old English Terrier. Due to the fact that these dogs had different abilities people saw it much useful if they would combine the two together in order to enable them better preference in blood sports.

The first attempt is a far cry from the Bull Terrier that we have today. But it was only when the Dalmatian was introduced into the mix that we got a pure bred white Bull Terrier. These are to this day consider as the most pure ones, but other colored dogs soon emerged.


Female Bull Terrier

Later, James Hinks crossed the Bull and Terrier dogs with an English White terrier. This changed the appearance of the dog making it much cleaner and straightening its legs. But it still did not have the familiar egg-head.

Hinks later introduced a Dalmatian, a Whippet and a Spanish Pointer into the mix, increasing the agility and the elegance of the dog. The Borzoi and Rough Collie were added in order to reduce the stop.

With the introduction of colored Staffordshire Bull Terries, different color alteration came to be. And this is how the dog was eventually shaped and became what it is today, a lovable companion and a great pet.

Bull Terrier Characteristics & Temperament

One of the main characteristic of a Bull Terrier is that they are independent and stubborn. This makes them a handful to train. This is why these dogs are not recommended for amateur trainers. You will need some experience to train this dog properly. But once you manage it, you will have a perfect dog on your hands. There temperament is pretty even and once you master it you can discipline the dog as you wish.


Black Bull Terrier

They do have a fun-living attitude and they are full of spirit. Most people would often say that these dogs are very courageous. It will be your child’s best friend and it will also attach itself to the family and probably never leave their side. When you start training it, make sure that you provide as much socialization to the dog to make it a balanced pet.

Appearance, Colors, Size

The Bull Terrier’s most recognizable a feature has to be its head. In fact it is what this dog is most known for. When viewed from the front the head is flat while from the profile it has a gentle curve that goes from the top of the skull to the nose. The under jaw is deep and looks very strong and the dog also has its unique triangular eyes. As far as the body goes, it is full and round. But also very muscular.

The Bull Terrier has a thin, short coat. It is very fine and very smooth and there are certain color alterations that the dog comes in. Most Bull Terriers are white but they also come in red, fawn, black and tan, brindle and there is a possibility that they come as a combination of these colors.


White Bull Terrier

As far as exact size goes, these dogs can grow to a height of 18 to 22 inches for both males and families. On the other hand females are a bit lighter. They weigh between 45 and 55 pounds while the males top it at 55 to 65 pounds.

Bull Terrier Health

According to the survey done by the UK Kennel Club, the Bull Terrier has a life expectancy of about 10 years. But according to some other research their lifespan may go all the way to 15 years in some situations. But this will all depending on how you take care of your dog and if it does not have any hereditary problems.

What is very problematic for Bull Terriers is the possibility of deafness which occurs in 20% for all puppies. This is difficult to notice with very young puppies so it is recommended that you get them to a vet while they are young in order to check them out.

The Bull Terrier also has a tendency to develop allergies and similar skin problems. This mostly occur due to insect bites and the dog will most likely suffer if you do not protect it in some way.

Grooming & Shedding

The Bull Terrier is not a high maintenance dog. In fact, they require very little grooming. The most that you can do for them is provide them with regular brushing on a weekly basis. Once doing that you can also check for insect bites or scrapes so to avoid infection or allergies. The Bull Terriers Sheds profusely twice a year during their shedding periods. At this time you have to brush the dog on a daily basis. Baths are okay but never overdo it.

Bull Terrier Price and Breeders

A Bull Terrier is very popular to get. That makes the breed very easy to come by as there are numerus breeders found in UK, US, Canada and many more wester European countries.

The price of a Bull terrier puppy is not as affordable as you might think. But depending on the pedigree and the way of raising it, you will have to pay a sum of either 700 USD the least or 2,200 USD the most.


4 Weeks Old Bull Terrier Puppy


If you would rather take a different route in getting your own Bull Terrier, numerous rescue groups are also found everywhere. Start by looking at the pages of Bull Terrier Club of America Rescue Support Committee, Miniature Bull Terrier Club of America and Big Apple Bull Terrier Rescue. You will find a quality offer of all kinds of quality dogs there. Contact them and make your pick.