Bullwhip Hybrid Dog Breed

A Bullwhip is a designer type of a dog and thus a hybrid. This breed was created by mixing an English Bulldog and a Whippet. It is a medium to large type of a dog and its many characteristics are yet to be determined. As it goes with all hybrid dogs, they are created by taking two purebred dogs and breeding them together.


English Bulldog

But the results are not always standardized. This is why we get different sizes of this dog and differences in character. But what we do know about the Bullwhip is that it is a great companion dog which is very loyal and smart.

History & Origins

The history of the Bullwhip is still a bit hazy. The most obvious part is that they came to exist by accident. The Bullwhip is a mixture of a Bulldog and a Whippet, but there are no established evidence on how this dog came to be. It is very likely that the accidental breeding between the two was noticed and that later on they managed to established a more controlled one which allowed for first generation mutts to be born.



A Bullwhip is a fairly young breed and has started to spread during the 1980s. It wasn’t as popular at first, but soon after their popularity grew. Now there are more Bullwhip dogs than there ever were.

Bullwhip Characteristics & Temperament

A Bullwhip is generally a friendly and cheerful type of a dog. They enjoy spending time with people and providing them company. They can also be very calm and intelligent but also have an independent and willful side to them. This side cam make them a bit stubborn and aggressive, particularly towards strangers. But these are the results of bad training. If you train and socialize the dog properly you will not have problems with these things.

Because of its stubborn streak, these dogs can be a bit difficult to train. If you want to own a Bullwhip you have to start socializing them at a very early age. Obedience training and positive reinforcement is key when training them. If you succeed, you will have a balanced dog and a great pet which will be great with your kids.


Bullwhip Dogs

The Bullwhip is also very active and it enjoys running, walking or hiking. You need to provide it with a lot of exercise and you need to make sure that they expand enough energy. It will also help to develop your dog properly if you give it the necessary exercise. They can be trained to live in an apartment as they are adaptable.

Appearance, Colors, Size

The appearance of a Bullwhip various from dog to dog. They are often seen as somewhere between large and medium in size. They do have floppy ears, but their body will depend on the influence of one of their parents. If they resemble a Whippet more, their bodies become long and lean, while he ones that look more like a Bulldog will have muscular bodies. Generally speaking, they do not have an appearance which is a combination of both the parent breeds, but rather one that goes one way or the other.

The average size of a Bullwhip is 13 to 20 inches in height for both meals and females. While their weight is between 20 and 60 lbs. With such weight they still can perfectly fit to dog carrier backpack 60 lbs. The coat variations can also go either way depending on the parent breed. But the color variations are always between gray, brown, black, red and white.

Bullwhip Health

The Bullwhip type of dog is considered to be pretty healthy by many standards. It is a hybrid breed which inherits all the characteristics of the parent breed. It makes this one more durable to some health problems but it also inherits the ones that the parent breeds have.



The most pressing concerns that you have to have with a Bullwhip include Eye problems, patellar luxation, Anesthesia sensitivity, Von Willebrand’s, Deafness, Reverse sneezing, brachycephalic syndrome, head shakes, hip dysplasia, skin problems and tail problems. But these all can be taken care of with regular visits to a vet. The average lifespan of a Bullwhip is 12 to 15 years, which exceeds both the parent breeds.

Grooming & Shedding

Maintenance needs for a Bullwhip are average. They are medium shedders and have a heavy shedding seasons. Their costs are short but need to be maintained and brushed regularly, especially during the heavy shedding seasons. The best way to keep your dog is to give it a short and quick brush every day to keep its coat.

These dogs also do not handle heat well and by helping them maintain their coats it will also help them regular heat better. Other grooming needs include brushing their teeth and clipping their nails as with every dog. Also make sure to clean their eyes as they are susceptible to infections.

Bullwhip Price and Breeders

Breeders who develop Bullwhip dogs are found in various countries of Europe and Northern America. There are some quality ones and they best way to get a Whippet is to go directly and get one from an established breeder. The average price for a single pup goes between 250 and 600 dollars.


The best alternative way of finding a Bullwhip is of course through adoption. Now when the breed is established and there are more of them, it can be quite easy to find a suitable dog and reaching it. Try contacting Bullwhip – Dogs, Petbreeds for more information and for help about adopting this kind of a dog.