Carolina Dog Breed Info

The Carolina Dog is a feral breed which mostly appears in the Southeastern part of the United States. It is a landrace dog of bout medium size which has only recently been introduced to domestic use. Until 2008, this dog has not been used as a household pet.


Female Carolina Dog

But owing to domestication and artificial selection the standard of the breed have been achieved. Smaller Kennel Clubs have accepted the standards and accepted this breed and its popularity has bene growing ever since.

History & Origins

It has only recently been discovered that the Carolina Dog is actually quite an ancient breed. They date quite a lot of time back and they are linked with dogs exited 8,000 years ago. The settles which came across the Bering mass from Asia brought their dogs with them and the Carolina Dog is related to these types of dogs. As far as other connections goes, they are linked with Australian Dingos. You can even base it on their look as they are quite similar to them. The first settler who then came to America brought their dogs which are one of the ancestors of the modern Carolina Dog.


Carolina Dog in Snow

But people didn’t realize this until recently. They Carolina Dog has only been domesticated quite lately. They come from the swamps of South Carolina and Georgia where they lived for thousands of years. The official studies of the Carolina Dog started in 1970s by Dr. I Lehr Brisbin, Jr. of the University of Georgia. A man named Brisbin managed to get one of these dogs and began domesticating it. Thanks to this man, we today have a number of dogs which are bred for domestic use. But, in the Southeast Carolina, there are still a number of dogs that resemble these ones and are still seen roaming around in the wild even today.

Carolina Dog Characteristics & Temperament

When it comes to the personality of a Carolina Dog, they are generally pack dogs. They create a bond with other animas around them or the entire family that surrounds them and will protect them. But they can be aloof and nervous around strangers but are not as aggressive as people thing they are. In fact they are smart and alert and serve as great watchdogs.

The Carolina Dog enjoys spending time outside as it can run around and be active. They enjoy playing and running around. But since they are pack dogs they also have a high prey drive. They will do well with other animals but do not get along well with cats and some other small animals. These dogs work well with children on the other hand.


Male Carolina Dog

Once you train them and socialize them well, they will serve as very good and obedient family dogs. You should have some experience when training them as they do need some obedience training. But generally it is not hard to maintain them.

Appearance, Colors, Size

The Carolina Dog resembles a Dingo in its appearance. But they are medium sized dogs that can reach a height of 17 to 24 inches (45–61 cm) and may weigh about 30 to 65 pounds (15–20 kg). They have characteristically erect ears, which are moderately slender and taper all the way up towards the pointy end. Their build differs as they can be muscular and slender or even become stocky. They have very graceful legs which are very strong as well, with relatively large paws. The snout is elongated and combined with the ears it gives a foxlike expression. The tail is upturned with a hooked kink in it.


Black and Tan Carolina Dog

The coat of a Carolina Dog is usually short and smooth, which is a characteristic of dogs living in warmer climates. There are various color variations of their coats. It may be reddish ginger, buff, fawn, black-and-tan or piebald that may come with or without white areas on parts of their bodies.

Carolina Dog Health

Since domesticating the Carolina Dog, they have managed to determine all the health trains of a dog. Although there are some minor issues with them, they are generally very healthy dog breeds. They can live up to 12 years on average, as their lifespan is determined. The most threatening conditions that you have to be aware of as an owner include: Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, Luxating Patella, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Cataracts, Cancer and Demodicosis (Mange).

Grooming & Shedding

Grooming a Carolina Dog is almost unnecessary. They mostly keep themselves and require minimal grooming. These dogs are cat-like when it comes to keeping their coats and mostly do it by themselves. Owners, on the other hand, will only need to brush their coats to keep them neat and to remove hair. They do have a heavier shedding period, but it is not so demanding due to the fact that they have short hair. It also means that you do not have to bathe them so often. Perhaps once a year will be enough. Other types of grooming include trimming their nails and checking their ears for infections.

Carolina Dog Price and Breeders

Since being domesticated, the Carolina Dog has become a lot easier to obtain in terms of buying it. There are more breeders and certainly new ways of being able to get this type of a dog. The price ranges from 800 dollars to 1,000 dollars on average for a newborn puppy.


2 Weeks Old Carolina Dog Puppies


A lot of different ways of finding a Carolina Dog are now available for us. Adoption being the best, there are a lot of organization which have sprung out in various states of America. Rescuing a Carolina Dog is now available with Saving Carolina Dogs Rescue and California Carolina Dogs, that provide the best services.