Which are Cat Breeds that Don’t Shed?

Being a cat person can bring all sorts of fun and happiness. Having a fluffy cat that keeps you company, jumps around and purrs all day is the stuff that dreams are made of for a person who likes cats. However, dreams sometimes include nightmares. The nightmare for a cat person is having to clean all the hair from your furniture and other stuff.

Cats shed, and they do shed a lot. This is much more apparent with longhaired cats or during transition periods. When cold weathers start to get warm, cats will shed their winter fur and exchange it for a more cozy one suitable for summer.

At that point, you will start to lose your mind from all the cleaning and vacuuming.

So one of the solutions is getting a cat that doesn’t shed.

Here are some cat breeds that don’s shed as much.



A Sphynx is a very elegant cat breed and many consider it as hairless. Upon taking a look at it you will notice that it almost has no fur. However, if you take a closer look you will see that it actually has very fine and short hair covering its entire body.

This also means that the Sphynx cats don’t shed that much. In fact, they even reduce the amount of dander that they leave around the house. So if you want to keep cleaning to a minimum, the Sphynx is the cat to get.


Ragdoll cats actually resemble any ol’ regular cat. They do have fur and long hair but the thing is that they don’t have an undercoat like most cats do. Undercoats are the prime source of fur that you get in your house and is typically the reason why cats, or other animals with an undercoat, shed.

Thus the Ragdoll cat is still going to shed, but it will be minimal. The amount you will have to clean is a lot less opposed to regular cats. Also, it is not hypoallergenic as most cats simply aren’t.


The Siamese cat breed is a very atypical type of cat. But at the same time, it is a very recognizable one and famous in the world. It originates from Thailand from where it spread since the 1800s. Siamese cats are characterized by having slender bodies and very short hair. They don’t seem hairless it is just that they have a very fine and short coat.

This also means that they shed very little and their coat is also super easy to maintain. The only downside is that they like talking (meowing) a lot.

Cornish Rex


If you want a cat that doesn’t shed and is really soft than the Cornish Rex breed is the one to check out. It has wavy, textured hair with a small curl in their coat, which is caused by a gene mutation. But petting this cat is absolute heaven as the coat is really soft.

The hair is short and close to the body and sheds minimally. Some people believe that they do not shed at all, as sometimes you won’t find any hair, but they only shed a lot less than other regular cats.

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair actually draws its origin from Rome but was made popular in Albion. But what you will notice is that it has a really plush and soft coat. It is dense and requires regular grooming by brushing it.

They do shed but they shed significantly less than your typical cats. This is due to the absence of an undercoat which gives the fur a flush appearance. They are also really cuddly and nice to keep around.