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Why Are Dogs Better Than Cats?

Dogs are definitely considered “man’s best friend” for all the right reasons. They are loyal, have a loving personality, and are way more active than cats. Since dogs generally have a lot higher energy you’ll be able to do more outdoor activities with them ...Read More

The Best Family Cat Breeds that Bring You Together

Cat’s are perhaps the best pet for a family since they are self-continuing and friendly enough to satisfy everybody in the family. They make solid bonds with their family and there are cat breeds that actually like to snuggle. Also, cats are simpler to ...Read More

Which are Cat Breeds that Don’t Shed?

Being a cat person can bring all sorts of fun and happiness. Having a fluffy cat that keeps you company, jumps around and purrs all day is the stuff that dreams are made of for a person who likes cats. However, dreams sometimes include ...Read More

Top 9 Tips To Keep Your Cat Healthy!

Almost one million cats risk getting euthanized. Thanks to the rapid multiplication of cats with no place to shelter them. You should learn about neutering and deadly viruses, too. For instance, you are neutering before sexual maturation is crucial. Cat owners feel that there ...Read More