A Cavapoo is a crossbred dog, which is mainly used as a companion or a pet and a designer dog. This breed was created as a crossbreed between a Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The most popular crossbreeding programs of a Cavapoo are featured in Australia, where this dog as referred to as Cavoodles. There are also breeders in the UK and the dogs are referred to as Cavopoos there. The Cavapoo originated way back in 1950s when breeders started crossbreeding it in the US.

History & Origins

The Cavapoos were first breed way back in the 50s in America. The aim of breeders was to create a pet dog with low shedding for people who are prone to allergies. They Poodles and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels as a mixture that would provide them with just that. In a way they succeeded as they created a dog which was obedient, energetic and was a very low shedding breed of a dog.


Male Cavapoo Dog

But poodles transferred a lot of hereditary ailments from their parents and caused the Cavapoo to develop various kinds of illnesses. Thus today breeders mainly use Miniature Poodles to crossbreed this dog as they transfer far less illnesses. But even to this day, the Kennel Club has not recognized the Cavapoo as an official dog breed.

Cavapoo Characteristics & Temperament

A Cavapoo is a gentle and loving dog and is a perfect pet if you train it properly. They are very intelligent though and can form an attachment even with your children. Due to their small size and gentle nature they can get along with small children very well. Cavapoos enjoy the company of humans mostly and that is when the form their bond with their owners.


Brindle Cavapoo

They can be easily trained and all you need is to be gentle with your training as they respond better to positive guidance, but you also need to introduce strong discipline. During puppyhood, Cavapoos can get easily distracted as they are nosy and have a short attention span. But if you introduce their training as early as possible you can develop it into an all-around dog.

Appearance, Colors, Size

A Cavapoo is a small type of a dog. Its main purpose is to be a family dog or a companion dog and it was specifically bred to serve that purpose. One of its biggest advantage is that it is a low-shedding dog. Its coat is curly but it can depend on their parents as well as different ancestors and different breeds that are used in crossbreeding will generally transfer their genes.


Black Cavapoo

In appearance they lean more to Poodles than to Cavaliers and they have a round cute face with floppy ears and large eyes. They can actually make a lot of expressions which adds to their attraction. Another advantage of theirs is that they fur is supposed to be hypoallergenic. There are different types of colors present with Cavapoos but the most common ones are black, white, chestnut, gold, Blenheim and tricolor. They grow to a height of about 11 to 13 inches and weight somewhere between 5 to 10 kg.

Cavapoo Health

Thanks to crossbreeding, the Cavapoo has a longer life span and is less prone to sickness than both Poodles and Cavaliers. Their life expectancy is somewhere between 11 and 13 years. There are still a number of conditions and illnesses which become a factor in their health, but they are still far better than the breeds that they are crossbred from.


Cream Cavapoo Puppies

Something to watch out for is Progressive Retinal Atrophy, congenital heart problems and slipping kneecaps. These are all possible but it still depends on the parents and the breed the dog has been crossbred as the ones which hare crossbred with Toy or Miniature Puddles are less likely to inherit certain conditions.

Cavapoo Grooming & Shedding

A Cavapoo is a low shedding dog, which was the aim of their crossbreeding. They are also very low maintenance dogs and do not require so much grooming. What you do need to do is to at least walk them once a day as they require moderate exercising to stay healthy had fit. Maintaining their coats also does not require a lot of grooming on your part. The best that you can do for your dog is to provide it with weekly brushing which would be perfect for its coat.

Price and Breeders

A Cavapoo can be a bit expensive, depending on its origin and parents. It also depends on its crossbreed and how it was developed. You will have to pay about 600 and up to 2,600 dollars for a puppy. Professional breeders can be found in Australia and the US. Australia is the country with most of breeders currently present but the UK is also growing in popularity in recent times.


4 Weeks Old Cavapoo Puppies

Cavapoo Rescue

Of course alternative options of getting a Cavapoo still exist. This means that you can adopt or rescue a Cavapoo from a shelter or look for a certain organization that will provide you with one. Check out Cavapoo Breeders Riverside Puppies or Best Cavapoo Breeders for more information. You can check their sites to see how you can do so.