Choosing Low Fat Dog Treats

When you are confronted with an obese dog, you are bound to look for low fat dog treats. But, it can be challenging to determine if you are actually helping the canine to shed some fat or contributing negatively to its weight issues.

What is important therefore is a complete understanding of the type of healthy dog treats that you choose for doggie. The exercise can be simple or overwhelming depending on the effort to put in to find the necessary knowledge.


Similar to the food for we, humans, there is a wide array of options when you start scouting for low fat dog treats. However, the first distinction you need to make is as between low calorie and low fat diets. If you have been using these terms interchangeably, you are not alone, and even the companies that manufacture or market pet foods do this regularly.

Low fat and low calorie pet foods are labeled as ‘health food’ without expressly stating whether it is low fat or low calorie. This is one reason why you should always have the expertise to read the ‘fine print’ and once you have acquired that ability, it comes in handy in nearly every walk of life. What is important therefore is to know what you are looking for and the ingredients that go into it.

What Constitutes Low Fat Dog Treats?

In the first place, if your dog has an overweight problem, merely feeding him on low fat dog treats may not be the singular measure to get him out of the problem. Further, by looking closely at most of the low fat dog treats, you may be surprised to find that they still have high calories apart from sugary carbohydrates.

If you cut down meat and replace with sugar, it only makes your dog treat unhealthy defeating the very purpose of helping your doggie to shed those extra pounds. Therefore a good understanding of the ingredients and the knowledge that low fat always does not mean healthy is essential before you pick the so-called low fat or healthy dog treats from the racks.

When is Low Fat Treats Ideal For Your Canine

If you are now confused about the very existence of low fat dog treats, well, it is not yet time to write them off. They are there for a purpose and are designed to address specific health issues affecting certain parts of your canine’s body system. For instance, if your canine has pancreas issues, you need to put him on low fat diet for easy digestion and consequently causing lesser stress on the pancreas.

Veterinarians and specialists in dog health usually recommend low fat treats for your canine, particularly because low fat treats have leaner meat or at times are even devoid of meat, fillers etc. Because of this characteristic, low fat dog treats make a very helpful alternative to treats that are more complex and come with the potential of more problems.

More importantly when your dog is facing obesity issues, weight management cannot be confined to quality ingredients, but should be supplemented with enhanced activity too.


Low Calorie Treats

When your focus is on reducing the calorie intake of your canine, you should be looking for low calorie dog treats and not low fat diets. The meat component in low calorie dog treats are comprised of leaner cuts and limited amount of fillers so that you can feed your canine often.  

Calories from vegetables and fruits, whole grains with low glycemic index, animal protein of high quality are easy for dogs to process appropriately. Other low calorie options include a wide array of limited, natural, or single ingredient treats. These treats are helpful in balancing the ratio between calories in and calories out. Similar to humans, our canine friends also need a high calorie output.

When Does Your Dog Need Low Calorie Treats?

If you should choose low calorie dog treats, the training period is the best since that would reward your dog without getting concerned about weight issues. Even if there is no concern about the weight of your puppy low calorie dog treats can be beneficial to your puppy and potential weight issues in the future. However, proper exercise would still be important to maintain the weight of your dog at optimal levels.

The calorie needs of your dog will also vary depending on the amount of exercise it gets. A very active puppy may not need to worry much about low calorie dog treats since he would normally be burning of nearly every unit of energy consumed.

Adult dogs on the other hand will benefit from low calorie dog treats since they tend to burn lesser calories and therefore the low calorie dog treats would be beneficial for them in maintaining healthy weight.


Now, for some of the best low fat dog treats to help you with your quest

  • Tendons/bully sticks – These are low fat since your dog would mostly be chewing them. All natural proteins constitute the bulk of their construction and can therefore provide healthy long lasting chew. You can also find a wide variety and some of them may even be from grass fed free range cattle.
  • Chicken Jerky – Most dogs love jerkies and they are available in a range of flavours and can target the unique features of your pet. This low fat treat also comes with multiple benefits.
  • Sweet potato chips – well, don’t be stunned! Though this may not sound low fat, they are indeed low fat. The slices are slow backed and rich in minerals, vitamins and beta cartons.

What You Should Watch Out For

Never feed your dog with leftovers. This is because human food is almost always high in calories and some of the minerals and vitamins are not ideal for the canines. Further, if you feed from your plate that is an invitation to bad behavior like overeating and begging.