Chorkie Dog Breed Pictures and Info

A Chorkie is a designer dog breed which is characterized by its playfulness and small size. It is a hybrid dog which was created by intermixing a Chihuahua and a Yorkshire Terrier. This dog has been created with a purpose to be a household pet. It does this function very well and is considered as one of the cutest dog among all of the designer breeds. But since it is a hybrid dog, the characteristics of individual dogs may vary and it mostly depends on the parent dogs.


One Year Old Chorkie

Nevertheless, a Chorkie is a very energetic and playful dog. It inherits these characteristics from its parents. But a Chorkie also has the characteristics of a watch dog which it gets from its Terrier side. It enjoys being around humans and will have fun with them no matter what.

History & Origins

The Chorkie breed draws its origin back to the 1990s. Its exact origin is still lost to us a bit as it has not been really determined if the first one was accidental or on purpose. Today, Chorkies have reached the highest ladder of the designer dog world. People are in constant demand of small dog.


Blue and Tan Chorkie

Although it is not advisable to make tea cup dogs anymore, a Chorkie may be the best size and the best quality. Since most of the dogs are still first generation, their behavior, characteristics and looks vary from dog to dog. This is something usual with all hybrid breeds. But if you like a playful dog with is affectionate but also one that will protect your property, a Chorkie is the best way to go.

Chorkie Characteristics & Temperament

The Chorkie breed is characterized by having a lot of attitude. The dogs are loveable and fun loving, but can be quite assertive and energetic. They do not lack energy nor confidence and can be a handful if you cannot match their energy levels. These dogs tend to bark and run around so be prepared to chase after them. They are good watch dogs in fact and this is something that is highly valued even though they are small. A Chorkie is not advised for an inexperienced owner. They need obedience training so you can handle them. But you have to be patience with them and make sure that they get a lot of exercise so they do not get bored.

A Chorkie is a great peat and will be a great dog to have around. They respect their household and also protect it as well as the owners. But it is not advisable to keep a Chorkie close to small children. These dogs can be very aggressive when provoked. Small children may bother them in that sense and make them react in an unpredictable way. They do not mind the company of other dogs and animals. But it is also better not to keep them close to bigger dogs.

Appearance, Colors, Size

Chorkies are incredibly cute looking dogs. They have the same rounded head as the Chihuahua does and expressive eyes like the Yorkie. The muzzle if fine and tapers towards the nose. It is also common that they have over or under shooting of the jaw. The ears are large and can be either droopy or erect depending on the type. They are very light and fragile dogs and you will notice it when you try to pick them up.


Black and Tan Chorkie

The coat can either be short or long, deepening on the parents. Short ones are fine and soft while long ones are usually smooth. Color variations are multiple, but usually they come in black (or blue) and tan, inherited from the Yorkie side, but from the Chihuahua side they come in bunches of color. Their size is very small and these are very fragile dogs. They grow up to be about 3 kg in weight and 22 cm in height.

Chorkie Health

One of the biggest problems with tea cup dogs and designer breeds are their health factors and the same will go with a Chorkie. It is unadvisable to create small dogs as they will most likely develop health problems and issues which will deter their wellbeing. There’s also a great possibility that the dog will inherit some problems form its pedigree parents.

The conditions that you need to know about and that you need to be aware of are collapsing trachea, dental disease, hypoglycaemia, Legg Calvé Perthes disease, lens luxation, patellar luxation, portosystemic shunt and progressive retinal atrophy.

Grooming & Shedding

Every Chorkie’s grooming needs depend on its characteristics. Since there are the ones which shorter and longer coats, it will vary how you may take care of them. The ones with the shorter coat are very easy to deal with. You should only brush their hair twice a week in order to keep it sleek and healthy and also to remove dead hair. But the ones with longer coats can be a nightmare to take care of. These dogs will need to be brushed as often as every second day and frequent bats are also needed. While the short haired ones do not needs to be bathed so often, the ones with longer hair will require being cleaned on a monthly basis.



There are also some additional needs that you need to take care for the dog. One of them is clipping their nails. They do not wear them well and it bothers the dog and also makes it look ugly. So every month you need to make sure to shorten their nails. A Chorkie may resist this so you have to get used to it when they are young and you will have no problems doing this at home.

As far as shedding goes, it also depends on individual dogs as they inherit their shedding characteristics from their parents. But in most cases they are low shedding to medium shedding dogs.

Chorkie Price and Breeders

With the high rising popularity of Chorkie dogs, there are many breeders who offer a quality and a great offer. These dogs are quite good pets. Many people are looking for them and want to have one. If a Chorkie is the dog that you want to get then know that an approximate price for a single pup is from 400 to 500 dollars.


Chorkie Puppy


The popularity of Chorkie dogs has also added to more rescue groups offering their help. Since there are many dogs in need to help and adoption, more and more people also are willing to rescue one. This is quite easy and much more cost effective than buying a dog. The organizations that you need to contact Chorkie Squad Pups and Chorkie VIP Rescue.