A Chug is a small type of dog and is viewed as a designer breed. A hybrid dog which was developed by crossing a Pug and a Chihuahua. The breed is not recognized by any official Kennel Club due to the fact that it is not a pure bred dog. But the Chug gained a lot of popularity nevertheless.


Fawn Chug Female

These dogs were developed for a purpose of being family dogs and pets. Thanks to their size and looks they make a great dog to keep around the house. But they can be energetic and assertive, which makes them great watch dogs and bad pets to have around very small children.

Chug History & Origins

Chugs have been developed by crossbreeding a Pug and a Chihuahua. They have first done this successfully some 10 to 15 years ago and since then the population and popularity of Chugs has been spreading. It is still not know exactly how the idea came to interbreed these two types of dogs, but a lot of assumptions are that it has been not done on purpose for the first time.


Black and Fawn Chug Female

The Chugs are adorable and good natured dogs. They can be energetic and full of life, which is a trait that they have inherited from their parent breeds. They first rose in prominence in the UK, but later started spearing all around the world. There are certain organizations which have recognized this breed, but none of the official Kennel Clubs has yet to do so.

Characteristics & Temperament

Since a Chug is a hybrid breed, there are some variations which come with individual dogs. They may inherit them from their parents as well. But for the most part, a Chug is a very cheerful and playful dog. They make great small pets and often express eagerness to play and have fun with people. They easily befriend other people and other dogs as well. But due to their liveliness, it is not advised to keep them close to smaller children as they may get aggravated by them. They also have a tendency to bark more often than needed.


Male Chug

Because it is not a pure breed dog, a Chug may have different energy levels depending on the dog. If it has more Chihuahua blood in it, expect them to be lively and energetic. But generally speaking, they require to be taken for a walk from time to time and also a little bit of playing each day. It does not also take an expert to train them.

Chug Appearance, Colors, Size

A Chug inherits many of the characteristics from its parent breeds. Since it is not a pure bred dog, they have a mixed appearance. Some would lean towards a Pug and some might end up looking more like a Chihuahua. But they are still small types of dogs that can grow up to be only 15 to 30 cm the most and weigh about 3.6 to 9 kg. They are still sturdy and muscular dogs, even though they are small.


Black Chug

There are variations of coats and they can either end up having a short or a longer coat. The ones that have shorter coats inherit it from their Pug side, while the long haired ones come from the long haired Chihuahua ancestors. Nevertheless, it is not completely determined which type they can be. But the color alternations include similar ones like their parent breeds. For example, black and brown, black and tan, brown, chocolate, cream, dark brown, fawn, merle, speckled or spotted.


The average lifespan of a Chug is somewhere between 10 and 13 years. This almost the same as their parent breeds. The same way they also suffer from a lot of similar sicknesses and conditions.

One of the most common health problems that a Chug can have are respiratory problems, eye problems, patellar luxation, and hypoglycemia. You should be vary of these and always take your dog to the vet so you prevent problems from developing even further.

Chug Grooming & Shedding

Depending on the type of a coat that a Chug inherits from their parents, they can have different needs. Generally speaking, they need moderate care. The ones with a shorter coat are much easier to take care of and maintain. The ones that have longer coats need much more frequent brushing and bathing.

You also need to clip their fur from time to time if it gets really long. Make sure to clip their nails and clean their ears also.

Price and Breeders

With the high popularity that the Chugs have been enjoying in recent years comes a higher price. These dogs are not recognized as one of the more popular designer dogs in the world and the breeders are using this to their advantage.


Chug Puppy

Now if you want to get a quality Chug puppy, you will need to pay between 500 USD to 750 USD, depending on the type.

Chug Rescue

Today, rescue groups that allow you to adopt a Chug have spread all over the world. First they started doing it in the UK, but now the US leads with the best and highest offer. If you are living close to some of the popular adoption or rescue groups, come and see them and rescue your own Chug. Some of the more popular ones are Texas Senior Shelter and Rescue Animals and Georgia, Rescue.