Clumber Spaniel Dog Breed Info

A Clumber Spaniel is a largest breed of dog from the Spaniel type. They have been developed in Britain with the aim of being gun dogs hunting in heavy cover. The name is derived from Clumber Park, located in Notinghamshire, England, and it is where these dogs have been developed.


Adult Clumber Spaniel Dog

These dogs are predominantly white with tan and lemon markings. They are also very loyal and obedient dogs, which makes them great dogs for hunting.

Clumber Spaniel History & Origins

The history of the Clumber Spaniel is pretty vague before the 19th century and its development in Clumber Park. There are two theories that are possible. One is that after the French Revolution  the Duc de Noailles gave his whole kennel to the Duke of Newcastle at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire. Here the breed was further developed by mixing the Alpine Spaniel, a breed now extinct, with Basset Hounds and the Pyrenean Mountain Dog. The Clumber Spaniel is officially developed by William Mansell, the Duke of Newcastle’s gamekeeper, who has also improved the breed.


Male Clumber Spaniel and Female Clumber Spaniel

The second theory goes further into the background of the Clumber Spaniel and it states that the breed comes from a dog called Bleinheim Spaniel. This dog was later incorporated into the King Charles breed of Spaniel. These dogs do look very similar to the Clumber Spaniel and they share a lot of traits together.

Characteristics & Temperament

The Clumber Spaniel is a very gentle kind of a dog breed. They are affectionate and loyal, but look very dignifying with their stance even though they act aloof. They are sometimes very lazy and will enjoy just lying on the couch of your room and they don’t mind spending the day just by eating and sleeping. But sometimes they can get strong willed, which can be changed with training. Puppies are often curious and like roaming around. They change when they get older and it mostly depends on the training that is introduced. Training these dogs can be easy but you still have to have a certain amount of experience. The most important way for an amateur to their dog is to give it a lot of socialization in order to develop it properly.


Clumber Spaniel Puppy Running

A Clumber Spaniel is not a very active dog. Since they like roaming or sitting around the house, they can get pretty inactive a times. But it is best to take them on regular walks in order to maintain their fitness. They do not require much and will be satisfied quite fast. Some faults that they have include drooling and snoring.

Appearance, Colors, Size

The Clumber Spaniel is the largest dog of the Spaniel group. It is a heavy and a big dog which stands at 17 to 20 inches (43 to 51 cm) and can weigh about 55 to 85 pounds (25 to 39 kg). Peop-le often compare the Clumber Spaniel to the Sussex Spaniel, but only larger. These dogs have a melting head and very dense and heavy bone structure. The nose and the muzzle are square and ears come in a vine-leaf shape.


Clumber Spaniel

The Clumber Spaniel also has a dense coat with straight hair that is weather resistant. There are some featherings around the ears, on its legs and belly. The only acceptable coloration for a Clumber Spaniel is white. They also have lemon, brown and sometimes orange markings around the eyes and the base of the tail. They also freckles on their muzzle and their feet.

Clumber Spaniel Health

The average lifespan of Clumber Spaniel dogs ins about 12 years and by many standards these dogs are considered as pretty healthy. They are big dogs and because of their bone structure and large bodies can have some problems. The most common one of them is temporary lameness which occurs while the puppies are between 5 and 6 months old. This is problematic only until the bones of the dog are adjusted and set. They also suffer from anal sacs and they need to be emptied from time to time by a veterinarian. Finally they are impervious to heath and should not be left out in the sun. They tend to feel really uncomfortable if they do.

Other conditions and ailments to consider include Hip Dysplasia, Hypothyroidism, Ectropion and Ear infections.

Grooming & Shedding

The Clumber Spaniel has a set of soft, straight and medium-length hair. They are medium to large shedders and during the heavy shedding periods it can become quite uncomfortable for the owner. During those period, frequent brushing is a must. You will remove the excess hair and keep your dog and your home neat. But other than that, there is not really a lot that you will need to do for your dog.


Female Clumber Spaniel and Clumber Spaniel Puppies

Trimming the feathered hair around some spots is usual to keep the dog tidy and there is the clipping of the nails part as well. Bathing your dog can be done as often as you think. But do not overdo it and do not use strong shampoos when you bathe it.

Price and Breeders

A Clumber Spaniel is marked as a Vulnerable Native Breed, meaning that there are only 300 or less births registered during the year. This also means that here are not many breeders available current and the majority of the best ones if found in England. The price of a single pup is somewhere between $800 and $1200 USD.


6 Weeks Old Clumber Spaniel Puppies

Clumber Spaniel Rescue

Even with the scarce numbers of Clumber Spaniels these days, there are still rescue groups which offer their services. This is a great way to get this kind of a dog without going through all the different breeders that are available to you. Simply contact Clumber Spaniel Club of America Rescue and you will get to see what they offer.