A Cockapoo is the first designer dog ever made and it dates way back to 1960s. The breed is very lively, affectionate and playful. Some would say that you are never going to get bored with this dog around as it likes playing and enjoys the company of people and particularly their hosts. As it is not a pure breed but a mixed breed specifically developed to be a designer dog, it is a mixture of two breeds.


Black Cockapoo

They join together a Cocker Spaniel, either English or American, and a poodle, either a miniature or a toy poodle. The result is probably the happiest and most lovable dog in the world. People also call it a spoodle or a cockadoodle.

Cockapoo History & Origins

The Cockapoo breed is actually older than you would expect. It was started back in the 1960s and it was the original designer breed. There are no exact details about how it all started, but stories say that it was possibly an accident. But this accident brought to one of the most loveable and intelligent dogs ever created. Their popularity surged and it’s probably at its peak right now.


White Cockapoo

The breed was originally started by combining a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. It was later reveal that they used both American and English in developing this breed and that they only use either Toy or Miniature Poodles. As far as breeding standards, they are not established. This is why there are many puppy farms and amateur breeders who are developing this breed today without the clearly established rules for it. None of the major Kennel clubs have reached this breed and it is only seen as a hybrid breed. But there are more and more efforts to establish it and make this breed official as people are working on it currently.

Characteristics & Temperament

Since a Cockapoo is a hybrid dog, it can be hard to determine the traits generally for a breed. But what makes this breed loved is the fact that they are very friendly and loveable. They are extremely agile and energetic and will enjoy playing fetch games. Generally they like spending time with their family and will cherish every moment with them. They do not like being separated away from their families for too long and it might cause them to develop depression or anxiety if they are left alone for long periods of time. But their lively nature is a godsend for any person who decides to have one of these dogs.

Training them should be easy. It is a great family dog and it will not take too long to have it housetrained. You mainly need to socialize them dog at an early age and also give it a lot of exercise. Your child will enjoy spending time with it as they are great with kids. Training should start when they are puppies and these dogs are very intelligent so they will thrive in dog exercises and sports if you decide to teach them.

Cockapoo Appearance, Colors, Size

A Cockapoo is a mixed breed so it does not befell the standards as often as we would like to. Since this dog does not breed true, it can take on the traits of both of its parent breeds. This is why we cannot really determined if it will resemble a Cocker Spaniel more or a Poodle. They can have a solid color or have various markings as well. There are various colors and you might mainly see them as white with other freckles. But this is by all means not a breed standard at all.


Brindle Cockapoo

As far as size goes, they can grow up to be between 10 and 15 inches in height, while the weight is estimated somewhere between 12 and 24 pounds. Generally speaking they inherit the average size of its parent breeds.

The coat of a Cockapoo varies from dog to dog. The most common type is a coat which is somewhere between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle cat. But it can go one way or the other as well. Meaning that the dog can have either a sleeker coat of a Cocker Spaniel dog or a curlier one resembling the Poodles ones. But it also inherits the antiallergenic properties of poodles, although not in all of the cases.


The Cockapoo gains many traits of its parent breeds. As it is a small type of a dog, it also has a long lifespan which can last to between 14 and 18 years. But it also shares all of the problem the base breeds do. This is why your Cockapoo may also inherit a problem with luxating patellas and also have various eyesight issues like progressive retinal atrophy. But early examination with a vet and taking DNA tests will help you determine the problems on time so you can treat them on time as well.

Cockapoo Grooming & Shedding

The Cockapoo is generally speaking a low shedding dog. In some situations it will inherit the antiallergenic properties of a Poodle’s coat, but it is not always determined as such. Due to the different nature of the possible coats, it may be hard to detriment which way it will go.


Male Cockapoo Dog

But what you do have to care about is the grooming which one has to provide for the dog. They require a lot of maintenance and you have to brush their hair frequently. If they have long coats, brushing and matting is important to prevent their hair getting tangled. From time to time you have to clip the hair when it gets pretty long and untidy.  Also you might think of getting it baths. You can do it frequently if you like to keep your dog clean and tidy, but generally speaking it is not good to overdo it.

Price and Breeders

As designer dogs, a Cockapoo can be pretty expensive to get. Getting a single puppy is not cheap at all and you might need to pay a price between 900 USD and 1,100 USD. According to some breeders. They are not pure bred dogs but there are still some standards which need to be followed and which determine the price. Experienced breeders are found in various places and have a stock of dogs that they can offer you.


8 Weeks Old Cockapoo Puppies

Cockapoo Rescue

Even with designer breeds, there are various rescue groups that offer you Cockapoo dogs. There is a great number of dogs available to choose and you may find it interesting to adopt or rescue one. This is a better way for various reasons and if you decide to go that path, check out the pages of Poo-Mix Rescue and American Cockapoo Club where you can see all the benefits of rescuing a Cockapoo.