Do Wireless Dog Fences Work? Know the Reasons


We know wireless fences contain the dogs and other pets inside a specific area to ensure their comfort, safety, and movements. Pet lovers used to spend a decent amount for their pets, so they won’t hesitate to invest in a wireless dog fence if it works as advertised. Do wireless dog fences work efficiently?

The short answer is – Yes, they can work as a brilliant safeguard and comfort zone for your dog if you get the right one for a particular purpose. I’m repeating the right one for a particular purpose.

An example might make it clear- suppose, you have a super stubborn dog that requires a stubborn dog-oriented powerful fencing, but you have given him a fence with ordinary containment capacity. Of course, that would not work there because you have chosen the wrong one for your purpose.

If you buy a short-range unit and expect a broader area coverage, that is not going to work for sure. So, getting the objective-match containment system from reliable brands is essential. Although they won’t perform 100% as described, they will make you satisfied.

Apart from these, some other issues determine how well do wireless dog fences work and how quality-products they are. The following writeup will make you realize what makes a wireless pet fence more functional.

Transmitter: Area Coverage and Signal Strength

As the electric pet containment systems work based on signals emitted from their transmitters, so transmitter quality, signal strength, and area coverage claim the prime importance. Never compromise with these; otherwise, your dog may suffer. For example, it may be shorter than required, and the dog may start feeling confined within a minimal area.

Different dogs have different sizes and habits. Decide according to their necessities. We recommend around 90 to 100 feet strong coverage (minimum) in all directions from the transmitter so that the pet can move with much comfort. For bigger dogs or more than one dog, you can buy containment systems with extended coverage. And, wireless pet containment systems with powerful transmitters can cover a substantially large area than others. So, get yourself confirmed about the transmitter quality and performance.

Easy to Install

The pet wireless fence comes with three main components- transmitter, collar, and boundary signal flags. They should be easy to install as they require no digging, hammering, or tying, although some of the fences have a common complaint that they are a bit complicated to run or use. We suggest you pick the most easy-to-operate-and-run units. They might cost a bit more, but they would offer you peace of mind.

You need to ensure two things while using – there is nothing around the transmitter that creates a hindrance to its signaling, and the transmitter is away from weather turbulence. Get a unit that is easy to maneuver and position so that you can bring and install the system where you need it.

Collar: Size, Sustainability, and Capacity to Shock

You won’t love to listen that the collar of the fence (worn on the dog’s neck) has given your dog an unnecessary and extreme amount of shock, and your dog has got an injury! To avoid this type of accident, you should search for a dog fence that includes a collar capable of offering a reasonable amount of shock to be absorbed by your dog.

A collar must give a strong warning-beep before offering shocks. Avoid those collars that provide a strong blow of shock from the first time. Try to get that one which is programmed to deliver shocks ranging from mild to strong gradually.

Sizing is another vital fact for a pet collar. A quality fence used to include a collar that has expandability. A collar with 8-inch to 28-inch scalability means it is standard. As the dog grows over time, so it’s better to have an expandable collar. Furthermore, it offers more comfort to your beloved pet.

A collar must be waterproof. A dog doesn’t care if it rains or the ground is wet. It used to move, run, and play all around. So, if the collar is not waterproof, it would fail to give its service once wet or watered anyway. Even if it costs a little bit more, we recommend you get a waterproof collar.

Know if the collar uses non-proprietary or proprietary batteries. To acquire and purchase a proprietary battery is difficult and expensive. Try to get a collar that uses a non-proprietary battery.

An Essential Tip

An electric dog fence can perform well, but everything would go in-vain if your dog is not well-trained to comply with the invisible system. So, it is essential that you provide enough training to your beloved pet so that it knows what to do when under the coverage of such fencing system, and how to respond to the shocks given from collars.

Keeping them tracked while training them is another challenge to be responded well. A dog tracking and training device can solve both problems at the same time. For professional dog trainers, this type of training device is a must.

Last Words

All we tried to say, a wireless dog fence works excellent if it comes with some of the distinctive features and qualities suitable for any or more particular necessity. For a functional wireless dog fence, the above-explained facts are a must. A reliable brand is an indicator of quality assurance here, though not all the time. Overall, it’s essential that you know the basics of the fences and can match them with your necessity.