Dog Breeds That Tend to Wander

Although most pet owners are aware that unneutered male dogs are prone to wandering when they scent a female on heat, some breeds just like to go walkabout. Here are some of the top wanderers and what you can do to keep them safe when wanderlust strikes. Our top tip on how to find a lost pet? Walking and calling only helps sometimes. Be sure to have your pet microchipped so that it’s easy to identify his real home when he is found miles away.

Australian Shepherds

They’re bright, they’re sociable, they’re trainable… There’s a lot to love about Aussie Shepherds, but their active habits and history of roaming are inbred. Even Australian Shepherd dogs with big yards will be more likely to go exploring than other breeds. Minimize the chances of your dog going astray by ensuring that he gets lots of exercise and company – even during the day when you are at work.

Bernese Mountain Dog

These gentle giants are almost impossible to resist, but they have an independent spirit and might not think the hearth and home are as important as you do. Bernese Mountain dogs are well-known for their tendency to take themselves on walks without their owners. And their casual reaction when you find them strolling miles away from home shows just how natural this behavior is to the breed.

Great Danes

Definitely not a breed for those with cramped quarters, these big and beautiful dogs will even scorn large yards. And, thanks to their stature, getting over fences is often easier than getting under them! Once again, regular walks, training, and lots of attention are among the ways to keep them from straying – and do be sure of your fencing – or at least, as sure as you can be!

Belgian Malinois

Like so many herding dogs, Malinois loves to explore. He’s quick and agile, so keeping him inside the yard might be hard work! Once he’s out and about, he’s pretty good at finding his way home, but if something exciting happens, he can easily find himself lost. This breed is generally very happy to have human company, though. So, if you are at home during the day, there’s a good chance he’ll play the loyal friend despite the temptation to wander.

The Great Pyrenees


White and Rust Great Pyrenees

Like Saint Bernards, these are mountain dogs with a love for open spaces and a large range to explore. Like Bernese, they’re not overly needy of the company – but they will go adventuring alone if they’re bored. Take your Pyrenees out for regular walks, and mind the gate! He or she doesn’t necessarily think that you’re the main attraction – not when there are things to see out there.

Working Dogs Who Like to Roam

Many of the working dog breeds love to roam. That’s especially true when they were bred to have an independent spirit. But even the more people-oriented dogs will be inclined to go out and about if they can when you aren’t home. Good fences will help, and giving your dog lots of attention and the company goes a long way towards curbing a taste for solo adventures. However, no matter what breed you own, or how good your fencing is, a tag with your phone number is worth getting. And getting your dog microchipped is an even better way to ensure that he’ll be returned to you after adventures out and about.