How Do I Help my Dog That Got into a Car Accident?



No respected dog owner wants to hear the words “My dog was in a car accident!”

Unfortunately, dogs get hit by cars more than we want. Some dogs are hurt while being driven in a car as 16% of people transport their dogs without proper restrain or protection. But the worst thing is seeing it in person. Whether it is your dog or somebody else’s, it is not a pretty sight.

The number of injured dogs in the US has been increasing lately. So it is no wonder why many people have been searching for dog wheelchair reviews and similar web pages on the internet. Ther are 43.3 million households in the US that own a pet. With that many dogs, the possibility of having an accident with a dog involved is high.

But if an unfortunate event of a dog getting into a car accident does happen, here is what you need to do.

Don’t Panic

Try to stay as calm as possible. The worst thing that you can do is start panicking. It may be harder said than done but you have to stay composed for the sake of your dog.

If the accident is bad, try to clear the scene and get your dog to a safe position. Don’t let it stay in the middle of the road as you need to put it in a safe position.

Call a Vet

You should immediately call your regular vet as they are going to be more familiar with your dog. But it is after hours, go to the nearest one if it’s an emergency. Make sure to explain everything to the vet beforehand. This will allow them to prep for the task at hand.

If the injuries are not as severe, your vet will give you the information on how you need to behave and help your dog. You can schedule an appointment and take your dog to the vet for treatment.

Handle the Injured Dog


Whether it is a serious or a mild injury, you have to take care of your dog extremely gently. Make sure that they are comfortable. They are definitely going to be nervous especially if you transport them by car.

If you have called the vet, they probably explained it to you how to handle the injuries that your dog has sustained. Treat it as best as possible and get the dog comfortable. During transport, they may panic and try to get out or bite the handle. This could be a two-man job and you should call somebody for help just to take care of the dog while the other one is driving.

At the Vets

This is something that you can’t really guess as it will depend on the dog’s conditions. The vet will most likely need to do some tests first. If the dog has suffered mild injuries they will treat it and give you some advice on how to treat it at home.

If the injuries are much graver they may decide to keep it overnight. If the situation is even more drastic an operation may be required.

What Happens When you Hit a Dog?

Hitting a dog by your car yields a lot of things but it depends mostly on the rules of the country. It will certainly depend on the Road Traffic Act and will determine how the case is handled.

But in most situations, the owner of the dog is responsible for its safety. The dog should be kept on a leash and it would be the owner’s fault if the dog gets out on the street and suffers an accident. This also means that the owner needs to pay all the veterinarian bills.