Dog Flatulence Remedies Without Vet Bills


For some owners, dog flatulence is something to be laughed at.

But for others, it can quickly become a headache.

When it’s just gassy and no smell, your dog is perfectly fine. But the moment the smell becomes gross and humiliating, it’s time to look for remedies.

What Causes Flatulence in Dogs?

1. Swallowing air: If your dog is eating fast, there is a chance that he is swallowing more air. This causes air to get trapped in the stomach and increased flatulence.

2. Tough fibers in dog food: Dog foods that have tough fibers need more time and effort to digest. More complex digestion results in complex and smelly flatulence.

3. Red meats cause bad smelling gas: Red meats like beef or lamb have sulfur in them. So during digestion, this gas gets released, and you can feel that sulfury smell.

4. Lactose based foods: Lactose based foods like milk and cheese is a big no no for dogs. Because of the lack of lactase in the dog’s stomach, they can’t digest it properly. Lactose based gases are the worst.

5. Diseases can also be behind it: Infection in the digestive system or food allergies can cause flatulence. In these cases, you will have to spend some dollars on vet bills.

How Can You Prevent Dog Flatulence?


1. Change your dog’s diet

The dog food for flatulence has highly digestible carbs, lean proteins, and different probiotics to aid digestion and prevent flatulence.

So, you can shift your dog’s diet to such foods.

In most cases, just a change of an individual ingredient or the overall diet can solve the issue.

2. Change your dog’s feeding habit

There is a chance that your beloved dog is eating fast.

Though there is no training or dog command that can slow him down, you can buy slow dog bowls instead.

These bowls are designed to slow down eating time up to 10 or 20 minutes.

3. Dietary supplements can also do the job


If you can find a dietary supplement that has charcoal, zinc stearate, and yucca in its ingredient list, there is a high chance that this will prevent flatulence in your dog.

You can also add probiotics in their current food to aid digestion.

Alternatively, homemade yogurt is also a good option to add to your dog’s food. One tablespoon of yogurt per day should be enough.

4. Stop your dog from becoming a scavenger

Scavenging is the worst habit a dog can develop.

Though dogs are natural scavengers, it will only elevate if you leave him outside where there are garbage cans without lids.

He might even get his mouth licking in some tasty poops. Yuck!

If your dog does these things, there is a high chance that stopping it will relieve him from the gas.

5. Replace red meat with lean meat

Most dog owners avoid lean meats like chicken or fish because their dogs have allergies.

But if your dog is perfectly fine, look for quality dog food with lean meats as the first ingredient on the list.

Some people have confusion regarding turkey meat. As it’s also a lean protein source, there is no problem feeding turkey to your dog.

6. No dairy products at all

We would recommend to totally avoid giving any type of dairy products to your dog.

Sometimes, a piece of cheese or cake can become the reason for long term dog flatulence.

7. Dog gas pills

Some dog gas pills work great. But it can also cause side effects like constipation and vomiting.

Vet supervision is needed in that case.