Dog Training in Long Beach, CA


If you’re in the Long Beach, CA area, and you have a lovely pet pooch, you may notice that your pup has a hard time listening to instruction. This is actually not uncommon.

At the same time, there has to be some sort of training for your dog, because it helps for your dog to be stimulated mentally and physically. In this guide, we’ll explain why dog training from The Driven Dog is essential and give you one of the best Long Beach dog training companies around.

What Does Dog Training Do?

Well other than exercise your dog’s mine and body as mentioned above, dog training can do a lot of things. If you wish to use your dog in dog shows, it’s essential that the highest amount of obedience possible. From clicker training, to tricks, as well as teaching commands, it’s important that your dog is always obedient as well. There are many reasons why a dog needs to be trained, and it actually benefits not only the owner, but also the dog.

One of the main reasons why dogs should be trained is to help create a positive mindset relationship between the dog and the owner. Sure it shows who the alpha of the group between you and your pup are, but there are more links between you and your dog in doing so, as well as a beneficial amount of happiness so your dog knows that they can trust you in a bind. Other things that are taught are valuable life skills that can greatly help your dog.

Everyone knows that dogs are chewers, and that they may display aggressiveness at unnecessary times. Other things that can be considered are helping your dog to not be so anxious, alleviate barking when it’s not appropriate, and for some people, dogs are trained to hunt and even be more sociable, and eliminate problematic behaviors. Once your dog has learned how to do this well, they will be more loyal companions for you if you take the time to train them properly.


How Long Does Training Normally Last?

Each session of dog training only last approximately 45 minutes. After that, their attention spans and their minds and bodies are pretty tired, just like a child. Therefore, if you start early, approximately at about 8 weeks of age in your dog, you can normally get the basics down.

However other training methods may take even longer. The real answer to this is that every dog is different, so it really just depends on a lot of their own factors, their personality, and their physique. Certain breeds are harder to train than others as well, but nevertheless, it’s always possible, no matter your dog’s age.

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In Long Beach, there are many parks to explore, and therefore your dog needs to be trained well. Sometimes you may not have the time to do it yourself and that is alright. That’s when obedience training camps are used in order to help your dog be the best they can be.