Dog Training Interaction Tips That Can Help Motivate Good Behavior


Wondering how you can better train your dog so it doesn’t cause a scene when you go dog walking or when you have people over at your home?
You are not alone and the good news is that it can be done… successfully.

Dog training has been done from as long as people can remember and it can be done by just about anybody, including you.

And it doesn’t matter whether you have ever done it before or not.

The only difference between you and someone else who has mastered how to train their dogs is that they took the time to learn and implement what they learned.

You too can learn some of what needs to be learned when it comes to dog training, and you too can start implementing them.

And before you know what’s happening – your dog will be better trained to be able to interact with you and others, more than it has before.

Even if it’s stopping your dog from digging up the yard or stopping it been aggressive, you will gain a lot from dog training.

You see, dogs need to be motivated so they can interact with you better. There are so many things that can be done to keep a fan of motivation blowing.

Don’t worry, it’s definitely not that hard to do, once you know what you need to do.

It is common to see dog owners using treats to encourage good behaviors but there are other things that could be applied to encourage good behaviors.

Whether you want to learn more for your personal use or to help with part-time dog training jobs as work at home moms, the tips in the rest of this article will help.

As a beginner, you must understand that dog training to encourage motivation begins by following the principles that “rewards” obedience.

Dogs should be rewarded for “obedience” and punished for “disobedience”.

Note that I am not talking about actual punishment which harms the dogs of course. I am just talking more about “consequences” for disobedience, so they know.

With this principle in mind, it becomes easier to encourage motivation when and where good behaviors are established.

Good behaviors in dogs mean your pets do what you want when you want. This would encourage good and healthy relationships as you now spend more time together, whether exercising or just relaxing.

All that said, below are some more powerful tips that will definitely encourage good behaviors with your dogs:

The Use of Treats like Foods and Snacks Is Common to Motivate Pets


This should be sustained whenever possible. However, ensure that the food or snacks used are healthy for the dog.

Yes, even as it is common to lure and motivate dogs with treats, the quality of the treat must not be ignored.

Of course the dog will know and appreciate it better if it actually enjoys the treat you give it.

The Use of Toys Can Work as Motivator for Good Behaviors in Dogs

There are many things that would serve this purpose – these include a tug, a toy, flirt pole, or a tennis ball.

These items can be used to calm your dog or even motivate it as you play and reward him with them.

Tease the Dog and Praise It When It Does Anything Good


Hugging, kissing and showing affection after any good behavior would be encouraging and motivating.

Dogs love to be rewarded with these affections and they tend to reinforce behaviors that brought about these rewards.

Finally, you must understand that dogs crave interactions and this must be encouraged. The more you interact with your dogs in play or praise, the faster you would be shaping its behavior.

Getting the best out of interactions can be achieved if you apply to nip and mouthing behaviors.

It’s definitely not that difficult to get your dog to behave properly when you want it to. As you have learned from this article, dog training can definitely be done by just about anybody.

Just make sure you take action on some of what you have learned from this article. It’s not just learning but taking action that gets you desired results.