Six Ways to Give Your Dog His Medicated Pills


If you have a pet dog, pills and medications are unavoidable. Even if your dog is happy and perfectly healthy, it might need preventive medications to deal with problems like intestinal parasites, ticks, and fleas. Furthermore, active puppies are always getting themselves injured, and they might need antibiotics.

Getting your pet to take their medication is not easy at all; in fact, it can be quite challenging because, unlike humans, pets don’t know that the medication is necessary for them. For a pet, a pill is just something that doesn’t taste or smell good, so obviously it isn’t going to eat it on its own.

Therefore, if you want your pets to take their medications without too much of a hassle, you need to apply some creative techniques. Today I am going to tell you six excellent piling techniques that I have tried myself. So, keep reading to get your pets to take their pills cooperatively.

Put the Medications in the Dog’s Food

One of the simplest ways to get your pets to take their pills is to add them to their food. However, the process isn’t as simple as you may think. You need to choose the right foods to disguise the pills in. My dog loves eating ice cream; however, when I put a pill in it, the dog just ate around it and left the pill in the bowl.

Though ice cream, though, is a favorite of my dog, it isn’t great at masking scents, and dogs are great smellers. Therefore, you need to use food that is smellier and has a more rich and intense taste. Liver pate is a great option, in my opinion, or you can use other meats as well.

If you are putting the pill in the dog’s food, wait for a time when your pet is hungry, and remember to place the pill in a spot where the dog will eat it in its first couple of bites. This ensures that the dog gets the pill when it is swallowing quickly and excitedly, and it will be much less likely for it to spit the pill out.

Use Gelatin Capsules to Mask the Flavor of the Medications

An affordable and effective way to disguise or mask the flavor of medications is to use gelatin capsules. Certain medications can be sour or bitter, which are flavors that aren’t appreciated by dogs. Therefore, gelatin capsules are a great option because they don’t have any taste, which allows the dog to swallow the pill without tasting it.

Try to Get Flavored Pills

These days you can also get flavored pills for your dogs that they can eat like a treat. You can also have medication custom made to have a flavor that your pet enjoys, however, that is not possible for all medication, and it is too expensive.

Another great alternative is to use CBD for the treatment of specific problems like separation, anxiety, and pain. CBD has many medicinal advantages for pets, and you can even give your cat CBD. The advantage of CBD is that it comes in many delicious edible products that your pet will eat happily.

Play a Treat Catching Game With Your Dog


Anyone who has a pet dog knows that they are always in the mood to play, and one of my dog’s favorite activities is treat-catching; so, I use it to give them their medications sometimes.

All you have to do is make some small treat balls and add the pill to one of them, then play catch with your dog, and they will be so excited and happy that they will eat the treat with the pills without even thinking that it tastes a little different.

Make Your Pet Earn It Pills

This is a technique that many veterinary behaviorists acknowledge when your dog feels that it has won something, it is more likely to accept it, even if it tastes a bit different.

You should ask your dog to do the trick and reward them with a treat when they do it. For one of the tricks, slip in a treat that has the pill inside it, and the dog will most likely eat it without any problems.

Give Your Pet Their Medications at the Right Time

The time and mood your pet is in when you give it, the pill is also quite important. Veterinary behaviorists say that if you give your dog its medication while it is happy and exciting, it will be more compliant in eating it. Therefore, one of the best times to give your dog its pills is when you take it on a walk or are playing with it outside.

To sum it all up, though some of the techniques mentioned above may seem a little mean as you are tricking your dog, they are necessary, and are a much better alternative to force-feeding the medications. Therefore, try them and make administering medications a lot easier both for your dog and for yourself.

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