French Bulldog Vs Boston Terrier: Which One Should You Own?

The excitement to have a new family pet may put you in a dilemma to choose between a French bulldog and Boston terrier. Though they both seem similar and would quickly find a place in your family, both the breeds live a completely different life. Since the 19th century, these dog breeds have gained immense popularity and love among pet owners.

The similarity comes from the fact that these two dogs have got their roots and ancestors from local English breeds. Their appearances might get you confused for one another, but can be distinguished easily as per their varied features.


Ancestors of Both the Breeds

During the period of the Industrial Revolution, many English lacemakers were forced out of England. They all settled in France, taking their Bulldogs along with them. A lot of breeds were interbred – and the resultant changes were in size, type, eyes, and ears. The inter breeds became the most loved pet dogs among the working class and the upper classes.

Soon it fascinated Americans to bring the erect eared dogs on their lands. The exhibition of 1896 made Bulldogs famous all over the country, and it further gave birth to the first-ever French Bulldog Club. The club started setting up standards with acceptable and disqualifying features in bulldogs.

The heritage of the Boston terrier is even richer than French Bulldogs. The fancies of this breed formed the “American Bull Terrier Club” in 1889 in Boston. The name got changed to “Boston Terrier” later in 1891.

The Appearance of a French Bulldog and Boston Terrier

Both the breeds share similar appearances as both are equally expressive, compactly built, almost similar in size, and are recognized for having a smooth cover coat. Both of them appear equally proportioned in expressions and balance of color markings.

Which Is Priced Higher – Cost Aspects?

The prices vary as per the dog breeder that you choose. French Bulldogs puppies price range tends to be higher than Boston Terriers. For French Bulldog puppies, you may have to pay up to $3k also on options online and offline- while the minimum limit depends on sellers. The purebred Terrier is sold up to $1,500 online. The comparisons in the dog market have shown clearly that Bulldogs are price twice higher than Boston. Despite the different price levels, both the dog breeds have become the favorite of most of the pet owners.


Size Differences

The French Bulldog breed is accepted as the most well-balanced breed with all the features in good proportion. The built of Frenchies are loved the most as they are of average length, which makes them 12-15% longer than Boston terrier. The length of legs in the Boston terrier gives it a square-shaped appearance with balancing powers.

Weight Differences

The well-proportioned weight in Boston terrier is categorized into five types

  • Less than 15 pounds
  • 15 pounds
  • Less than 20 pounds
  • 20 pounds
  • More than 25 pounds.

The French bulldogs qualify weight limits for breeding if they weigh till 28 pounds with no minimum weight limit.

Influence of Sex for Breeding

Boston Terriers have reported showing more refinement in the conformation of sex while breeding. Whereas on the other hand, the Frenchie accepts due allowance to bear similar breed characteristics favored in case of bitches.

Which One Is More Popular: French Bulldog vs Boston Terrier

Out of all the 193 small dog breeds participating in the AKC survey, it was announced that the French Bulldog secured 6th rank among the most popular breeds in the United States. With 21st rank given to Boston terrier, this quite popular dog breed showed how lovable they are among pet owners and families too.


Which One Gets Along Well in Families and Kids – French Bulldog or Boston Terrier?

French bulldogs have earned a reputation to be most loved and being center of attention for their owners. Well, so does Boston terrier to- as they are quite friendly natured and like to stay close around. The newborn parents must learn the right way to introduce your pet dog with the kids. French Bulldogs have shown signs of being more socially involved, that they start getting envy if they feel neglected. Come up with an excellent plan to make your little one and furry pet engaged with each other.

Both the breeds are good at gelling along with kids and families very well. Their unbreakable bond with kids makes them a great companion and guardians till their last breath.

Barking Habits Among French Bulldog and Boston Terrier

The Terriers have earned an excellent reputation with their love for barking. They even do it if they seek attention or are lazy. The right training of physical stimulation and help you combat excessive barking habit in them. Make your Boston terrier play mental as well as physical games. Know that this breed loves to play puzzle balls and even hide & seek- challenging their intelligence levels.

Conversely, French Bulldogs are known as quieter dogs as they don’t love to bark much.


Which Is More Intelligent?

Here, the scoreboard says-
Boston terrier -1
French Bulldog- 0

Boston Terrier puppies have been found to inclined more towards learning new commands. This seems quite a difficult task for French Bulldog as things are not easy with them, due to its stubbornness. While training them both, try to come up with interactive toys that stimulate their mind while making them learn!

The Temperament of Both Breeds

Boston Terriers are considered to be quite friendly and lively dog breeds. Their intelligence levels are what makes them exceptional, among other breeds. The activeness and playful characteristics of Frenchies are what makes this breed “Clown” among kids. Their subtleness is what makes them bring a smile on the faces of their pet owners ALWAYS!

Energy Level Meter – Which One Has Got Higher

Most of the pet owners consider energy levels to be a deciding factor while choosing between Boston terrier and French Bulldog. Know that both breeds need to go through moderate levels of exercising- to stay active and healthy. These fall in the category of brachycephalic breeds- which cannot walk or exercise in hot weather conditions.

However, Boston Terriers have shown huge levels of energy episodes at times as they stay active and alert quite often. However, Frenchies lack in bursts of energy at times and need timely motivation with exercises and games by pet owners.

When it comes to having pet dogs as running partners, Boston Terriers can easily get breathing issues and overheated- especially if it’s a long path or there’s scorching heat outside. The conditions with French Bulldogs are similar and are even less energetic than Boston Terriers. So if you have a plan to take your dog out in the long run- Kindly call it off.

It is usually suggested by doctors to keep them in an air-conditioned area for the most part of the summers. This helps the breed to prevent heatstroke conditions.


Health Issues Among Both the Breeds

Health Conditions in Boston Terrier

I am pretty sure that all eyes got round opened in this paragraph!

We all find the soulful and eyes of the Boston Terrier as the most mesmerizing feature among them. This is where the pet owner needs to stay vigilant too, as the eyes are most prone to eye diseases and are sensitive to injuries. The most common eye issues have been

  • Cataract
  • Glaucoma
  • Corneal ulcer

The best way to protect their eyes is by avoiding going out in harsh weather conditions. It is suggested by Veterinarians to put saline eye drops as these help in washing out all the dirt particles and other eye-irritants.

The other common issues can be deafness and Patellar Luxation- which is a medical condition of kneecap dislocation.

Health Conditions in French Bulldog

The most common medical condition has turned out to be Chondrodystrophy- affecting every French Bulldog. In this, the development of shorter limbs may lead to vertebral malfunctioning. Know that they quite often get affected by back pain and gait problems- before you head on to buy this breed.

Both have been categorized as Brachycephalic breeds and thus require special care regime for facial wrinkles daily. There are Dog wrinkle solutions available in the market and online, that can be used to prevent infections in dog wrinkles.

Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs as Protection Saviors

Both the breeds have earned great love for their all-time barking. However, Frenchies are known to get more alert than others- especially if someone is trying to intrude inside your place. They get more aggressive and proactive when it comes to protecting their owners and family that they dearly love.

Grooming Requirements of Bulldog and Terrier

Both the breeds require low maintenance efforts with their grooming needs.

The breeds own a thin layer of furry coat that can be taken care of with bathing schedules. They require brushing quite often that removes their dead hair on the coat. Hair shedding doesn’t seem to be an issue with shorter hair coats of both the breeds.

The pet owners must add brushing in their daily grooming tasks for both the breeds. It helps them maintain their oral care that helps to keep good quality teeth for long. Prefer using canine based pastes while brushing their teeth.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know the inside- outs of both the breeds, identify which one suits your companionship the best. Remember, it’s life inside and looks for one bred with excellent welfare standards and socialized well.