Great Tips When Going Hiking With Your Dog


If you are both a nature lover and an animal lover, it is time to combine the two together! The best way to do that is to go hiking with your dog. Bringing your favorite pet with you on your trip is always an adventure for itself. But you can go on an even bigger adventure if you decide to go hiking together.

A lot of people may think that bringing your pet is a lot of trouble. Some would say that it’s even impossible to do. Actually, it is super easy! If you take care of your pets and if you do all things perfectly it will barley be an inconvenience.

Here are some favorable tips on how to go hiking with your dog.

Prepare Yourself Well

If you are a nature person you probably know that it takes a lot to prepare for a hike. It is not as easy as some people think of it. So good preparation goes a long way. Things get more complicated if more people are going and especially if you are bringing a dog with you.

First of all, make sure to pack and bring all the necessary tools and equipment you usually bring on a hike. Pack the appropriate clothes and supplies that you always bring.

Next, you have to think about your dog! It is not that much different than preparing for yourself. Pack all the necessary pieces of equipment in order to take care of your dog during a hike. Some warmer clothes are needed and your dog’s favorite treats are a must.

Also, don’t forget to make your dog take all the necessary shots. Following the rules is very important in this case and if you are going for a longer trip or to a distant place, make sure that your dog is protected with all the needed shots.

Find a Place to Sleep


If you are going for a long hike that requires sleeping the night, you need to think about making certain arrangements. If you prefer sleeping in a tent make sure that your dog is comfortable during the night. Foam mattresses and blankets will do the trick and help you and your dog to spend a nice night.

But if for some reason you cannot sleep in a tent, mainly because of weather conditions, there are other alternatives that you can seek. One of them is booking a place to stay while you are on your hike. But since you are going with your dog, make sure to look for pet-friendly apartments where both of you can rest. Being well-rested is the key for a good hike both for you and your dog.

Obey Leash Laws

If you are planning on going to a place away from your home, you have to research the local leash laws. Your dog may be really friendly and nice around unknown people but those other people are not aware of that. More so, some people are afraid of dogs and it would make for an awkward hike if you just let your dog loose all the time.

Besides that, some places do enforce leash laws so you would be breaking the law if you don’t keep your dog restrained. Make sure to thoroughly check the local laws before embarking on your trip and follow them.  

Choose Your Trail Wisely


Hiking is not easy for everyone and it certain trials are not going to be suitable for your dog. If you know your dog well and can predict their behavior in certain situations it will help you choose a better route to take.

This is a part of your planning and will require you to choose a trail which will be easier for your dog to go through. This will depend on the energy levels of your dog and also their size. Smaller dogs are not going to be able to endure going on a really difficult track and will only become a nuisance to you and your party. Be wise when determining the path you are taking your dog to.

Clean After Your Dog

Preserving nature is important and since the dog cannot do everything by itself you have to do certain things for them. This includes cleaning after your dog. Littering is not good wherever you may be heading to and it certainly is not a good idea to do in nature. Thus always clean after your dog.

Make sure to bring a lot of supplies. This includes some plastic bags and containers that you can pack the waste that your dog leaves behind. A small shovel could also be helpful to have. When you get back to civilization you can easily dispose of all the droppings you needed to pick.  

Post Hike Health Check

After you come back from a hike the important thing that every person does is check if everything is okay. You also need to do that for your pet. Some pets may not be used to long trips to nature and may suffer injuries or can attract ticks which might affect their health.

Thus, make sure that you thoroughly check your dog after you come back from a hike. Check for injuries or limps and anything else that you might think of at the moment. Preserving your pet’s health is important and will allow you to go on another trip together again.