Guinea Pig Cleaning Tips – Baby Shampoo Or No?

What kind of shampoo for guinea pig? How often should I clean my guinea pig? How do I care for my guinea pig to avoid pesky pests? These are some of the questions those with these pets ask.

Well if you are caring for a guinea pig as your pet, cleaning I will not be an option. Though they are like cats and keep cleaning themselves, you still need to do some proper hygiene at least once a month. Their fur may get sticky or soiled, making it hard for them to clean them.

At is at the cleaning stage that questions arise. What kind of product to use becomes a big issue altogether. Just like any other pet, a guinea can be quite challenging. The product to use, the amount to use and the how to use, all are considerations you need to put into consideration.


Can You Use Baby Shampoo?

One thing you can be sure of is using human products on the guinea pig is not a good idea. Even if you have baby shampoo, that is still a problem. It is better to find a proper guinea pig shampoo. This is because;

  • Guinea pigs tend to have a softer skin. Under all that fur lies a skin that is a bit more delicate than human’s. This means the products you use should be designed to handle such skin. Using hard products will make the guinea pig uncomfortable.
  • For this reason, baby varieties tend to be a little harsher on their skin. They cannot handle it well and might even lead to the animal developing stress. The skin is very sensitive and need products made for them. To be on the safe side, you can use kitten or rabbit shampoo, once in a while. Though it is not good still, it is better because at least it is for animals.
  • The baby shampoo may contain chemicals. Animals are more reactive to some chemicals than human beings. If you use products that have such chemicals, you are exposing your pet to more harm than good.
  • Baby shampoo is only designed for babies who cannot help themselves. Guinea pigs on the other hand groom themselves and baby shampoo is not meant for that. In simple terms, the shampoo is meant for babies and should be used for such.

Sometimes it becomes unavoidable to use these products. Many people have had to use products such as Johnson baby shampoo. One of the reasons people use this is because they think of the sensitive baby skin as similar to the guinea pig skin.

The baby skin is easy and sensitive; it is therefore easy to assume the products they use can also apply to the animals. We have seen views where some keepers have not seen any effect from baby shampoos on their guinea pigs.

But the simple truth is, baby shampoo is meant for babies and should be used for such. Using it on animals may have unforeseen consequences. Even if you use it for some time without realizing anything you will sooner or later find out a problem was developing.

Note also that baby shampoo is one of the products with more alkaline levels. This means they are very high on pH.


The Human Skin

The skin naturally is low on pH. The shampoo disturbs this natural order, which in essence increases the risk of skin irritation, dandruff and other skin problems. The baby shampoo is therefore very harsh. It so even for the human skin it is mean for.

The last thing you want is foaming surfactants like SLS, and SLES. These are the components used in human shampoo. In addition, there are silicones, perfumes, parabens and paraffin in these products. These are not good chemicals you want to get on your pet. You might be looking to visit a vetenary store more often than you would wish.

Which Products Are More Recommended?

It is important to know some of the best safest products to use on your guinea pig. As said earlier, these are animals that lick themselves clean. If therefore you use chemicals, it might get a way into their interior bodies. You may not manage to completely rinse the shampoo off.

Use natural conditioning agents. They are many in the market made specifically for guinea pigs.

You may not kill your piggy for using baby shampoo, but there are better products meant for them. It makes more sense to consider such that having to deal with some issues later.

How Often to Wash my Guinea Pig?

You need to wash you guineas every 4 – 6 weeks. This is in addition to keeping them in the correct environment, which helps you avoid skin problems on them.

It is important to consider the skin condition of your piggy. Then look for products that are generally safer.