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What is the Purpose of a Dog’s Dewclaw?

Dogs have thumbs! Is it a myth or reality? If you are thinking about some funny Instagram posts that are obviously photoshopped, we are actually thinking of something entirely different. We are talking about a dog’s dewclaw. Evolution is a very slow process and ...Read More

Top 10 Dog Breeds with a Short Lifespan

A dog is a man’s best friend. Unfortunately, you are not going to be able to keep your dog for the entirety of your life. Most dogs don’t have a large lifespan as you would hope them to. The best that you can hope ...Read More

Cbd Oil for Dogs: Benefits and Effects

Cannabis herbal plantis quite useful as the different varieties of cannabinoids present in the plant help in treating a number of different ailments. Not only for humans but also for animals, the plant has proven to be helpful enough. Cannabis contains more than one ...Read More

Best Kratom for Dogs Pain & Anxiety

Many people are resorting to kratom as a useful alternative for modern medication. These days, pet owners are using organic substances to help their furry animals, and one of the popular substances would be kratom. Surprisingly, it is also known to be quite effective.  ...Read More

How To Keep Your Dog Hydrated When Sick

Water is life, both for you and your dog. Because water makes up the largest part of your dog’s body, hydration is important. Water helps digest food, maintains proper kidney function, produces saliva and assists with the dog’s brain function. If you notice your ...Read More

Tips to Take Proper Care of your Pets

Your pet is your best friend and your all-time companion. There may be people in your life you literally don’t care about and there may be people in your life who don’t care about it. But, pets aren’t any of those. They will always ...Read More