Himalayan Salt Soak for Dog’s Paws, Skin – Soothe, Calm

Our pooches shower us with the utmost affection, care, and loyalty. As a dog owner, our role transforms and becomes parental. In return for so much love and loyalty shown to us by our four-legged babies, it is our duty to take very good care of their health.

Just like humans, dogs are very expressive too. A healthy and well raised dog doesn’t have to speak up and prove about its healthy environment. It becomes visible at first glance. Similarly, a neglected dog can be noticed at first glance too.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of the Himalayan salt bath and soaks for your dogs.

How to take care of your dog?

Just in case you are not sure about fulfilling your responsibilities as a dog owner, here is a list of some important things to keep in mind.

  1. Make sure your dog is consuming healthy food. Do not completely depend on the store-bought bagged food. It may boast of being the healthiest supply for your dog but the reality is pretty drab. If possible, prepare dog meals at home and keep a close check on the nutrients in those meals.
  2. Add Himalayan lick salt in your dog’s diet. It is the best thing that you can introduce in your dog’s life. This magical lick salt for dogs contains the right balance of sodium chloride and as many as 84 macro and trace minerals. All these minerals are very essential for the proper functioning of major organs of the body. It helps in balancing the pH levels, blood sugar levels, water retention, and digestion.
  1. Make it a point to visit your dog’s vet regularly. No matter how experienced you may be with your pooches, a vet knows his job better.
  1. Never miss timely vaccinations. This saves your pet from pain and misery that an uncalled sickness may dawn upon it.
  1. Make sure your dog is getting enough physical activity in its daily routine. Daily walks and playtime are a must.
  1. Plan out for pet-dates. Animals love to socialize with other pets of their kind. It enhances their moods and health.
  1. Ticks and fleas are a nuisance for your pets. They invite lots of discomfort and diseases. Keep a close check for any infestation and take proper measures for flea and ticks prevention.

What to do when your dog gets hurt?


An amazing quality about dogs is that they are not fuss-makers. If your dog is mildly hurt then chances are it may completely go unnoticed by you. It is only when the pain gets to a higher level that your dog may start to show signs of pain or start to limp.

Although the small cuts and swelling on the dog’s paws are not life-threatening, you need to be sure your dog gets complete relief and the condition doesn’t get worse than this. To do so, follow these pointers:

  1. Restrict movement: Take this as your dog’s pampering time. Make sure it avoids any unnecessary movements. This will quicken the healing process and alleviate any chances of further damage. Surround your dog with yummy treats and your presence so it doesn’t feel lonely. If you find extra hair in between the pads troublesome, give them a trim.
  1. Licking and chewing should be restricted: Naturally dogs lick their wounds for quick healing. It may be beneficial in some cases but chances are it may infect the wound and slow down the process of healing. Cover the wound with a tight bandage. This may alleviate the pain intensity and stop the dog from licking the wound. You can also use bitter antiseptic ointments to keep your dog’s tongue away from the wound. Another alternative is to use a neck-collar which will restrict your dog’s head movement and help in restricting licking of the wound.
  1. Use a soothing paw cream: You can use soothing paw creams to relieve pain and discomfort. Most of these creams are also antiseptic which doubles up the effectiveness. Cleanse your pet’s wounds or sore paws. Let them air-dry. Then, apply the ointment. Make sure your dog’s skin doesn’t react to it.
  1. Salt soak: Nothing can beat the comfort and relaxation of a salt soak. It is natural and doesn’t have any side effects.

Why Himalayan soak for your dogs?


This salt was kept amid the arrangement of the Himalayan Mountains around 50 million years back. Since that time, it was bolted into defensive layers of lava resulted by volcanic emissions. These old ocean salt stores have been normally saved from toxins by this residue, which causes us to get probably the most perfect, most gainful salt on the planet.

What makes it so great? Himalayan salt contains 84 fundamental minerals (which gives this salt its beautiful colors).

While it has less magnesium than Epsom salt or dead ocean salt, it is a balanced way to deal with sound skin and it can likewise diminish pressure.

The salt is normally hostile to bacteria. It kills the microorganisms so it is additionally found helpful in recuperating the injuries on the dog’s body. The recuperating impacts of the salt will mend the injury. The pink salt shower to hounds additionally helps them in alleviating skin ailments like a sores, yeast disease, insect treatment, hound ticks, skin injuries, and contaminations. Because of its tremendous advantages and mineral rich properties, Himalayan salt is considered as the basic item by the vets and the farmers in treating their pets for different reasons.

This salt can soften the water, so if you live in a territory of hard water, you’ll have the capacity to come up with a natural water softener/neutralizer.

How to use: Add a couple of teaspoons of Himalayan salt to shower water and douse your pet’s paws. Another alternative is to purchase the “Himalayan rock” (it is available in fine, course or jumbo sizes), and hang it under the shower faucet wrapped inside an organza sack and let your shower water keep running over the top of it to make a pleasant salt shower.

If you are a proud dog owner, Himalayan salt should be the first item on your must-buy list.

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