How Do You Calm an Anxious Dog?

Your dog can become anxious in a minute while it takes much more time to calm them down. We’ve all been there and we know how easy your pet can get riled up. But the part that comes afterward, the calming down part, is much harder and it mostly depends on you, the owner.

Dogs can get anxious because of a lot of things. It mostly has to do with noise; car noise, fireworks, loud neighbors, and a lot of different things. Some dogs get anxious because of social reasons, for example when they come in contact with another dog or animal and even when meeting people that they are not familiar with.

So what should you do on such an occasion? Here are some ways that can help to calm down your dog.

Hug and Pet Your Dog


Hugging and petting your dog is the first, go-to-strategy that most people employ. And in most situations, it is highly effective. But there are different kinds of ways that you can do this and it generally depends on your dog. All dogs are different and are not the same in nature and they all like different things.

Petting your dog can be done softly or you can employ hard pats and squeezes. This means that you have to know your dog and know what they ultimately enjoy. For general purposes, we recommend a gentle sweep on the dog’s back. Repeat that until the dog comes down. Sometimes it may take a while for the dog to react but it will ultimately make your pet a lot calmer.

Distract Your Dog

One of the best methods to calm your dog is misdirection. Simply distract its attention to something else and you will immediately see the results and your dog’s demeanor changing for the better.

This can be done very easily and can begin to take effect in a matter of seconds. You can do it by trying to play with your dog. If the dog sees that it is play time they will immediately start feeling better and will stop being anxious. You can also give them their favorite chew toy. This will change the situation into your favor very quickly.

Give Your Dog Something to Calm Down

Most people decide to give the dogs some kind of sedative in order to calm down. While this may work for many dog owners and while it really does the trick sometimes, we feel that there are different but similar methods that you can do that. Namely, buy CBD for dogs – CBD dog treats.

The CBD stands for Cannabidiol, and yes it is the substance found in cannabis plants. But before you start fearing that this might turn your dog into an addict, the effect is actually a lot different. CBD treats are highly effective in calming down and anxious dog and are much safer than any other sedatives that people give to their pets. It does not have any harmful effects and is completely natural. It will certainly help your dog mellow out.

Play Classical Music to Your Dog

This idea may the somewhat out there, but trust us, it works. There have been many situations where beings have reacted well to classical music. There have been studies where not only adults but also babies have reacted positively to classical music. Believe it or not, even plants react positively to the tunes of Bach and Beethoven.

Find some classical music and play it for your dog. Do not do it too loudly, as noise is one of the reasons for the dog being anxious in the first place in many cases. Just put on a calm and soothing memory so your dog can enjoy and start behaving normally. There are in fact a lot of dog shelters that play classical music in order to keep the dogs calm and quiet.

Get Your Dog to Exercise


Bull terrier running in park

Taking a walk or going with your dog to a hike can help it calm its nerves down. Physical exercise is a proven and very effective way to calm people not just animals. It will work very well on your dog if you take it out for a walk or go jogging with it.

Remember when you feel stressed out and then decide to go to the gym and take all of your frustration on a punching bag. Well, it works similarly for a dog. Mind you, the dog cannot really punch a bag to get all the stress out of its system, but it can go for a run in a park or for a long hike to get all of that frustration out in a healthy way.

Give Your Dog a Time Out

Sometimes all the stimulation in the world will not get your dog to calm down. Over-stimulation is in many cases the reason why your dog is anxious in the first place. So it is obvious that cutting all the stimulation out of the equation will do the trick. This works well for children and it works just the same with dogs.

Try to release your dog with any kind of outside influence and leave it alone for a period of time. Once the dog is calm and feels less anxious then you can proceed to do all the positive things you know your dog loves to do. But in order to get it to be quiet, simply let them have a few minutes by themselves.