How To Build Or Install A Dog Kennel In Your Home


A dog kennel is a way to offer a comfortable corner to your dogs if they do not live indoors or spend a big part of the day outdoors. But it is essential to know how to choose all the resources necessary to preserve the cleanliness and hygiene of the space. In addition to providing a covered space for dogs to protect them from the weather, installing the right floor will make all the difference.

The incidence of sunlight is an essential form of control of pathogenic microorganisms that can affect the dog’s health. The kennel should be placed in an airy place where the morning sun hits but still has some afternoon shade.

The Space

The area to be delimited should be proportional to the time your dog will spend inside the enclosure.

However, if it’s necessary for the dog to remain in the kennel for some time, it must have adequate dimensions to avoid stress and provide comfort to your pet.

The first step to building or installing a kennel is to reserve enough space for the dog to feel comfortable and not trapped. If it is in the back of the house, better yet, as the pet is away from all the street noises, which can stress him, and in no time, he will adopt the spot as his home favourite.


The measurements of the kennel should be proportional to the size of the dog. For large breeds, the most recommended is to reserve a covered area of ​​at least 2 m x 2 m (4m²) and 1.5 m high. Medium sized breeds need a covered area of ​​at least 2.5 m² and 1 m height. Finally, small dogs are comfortable in a covered area of ​​1m² and 60 cm in height.

The outdoor area should be at least 4 meters, allowing the animals to play freely. Dog runs are the best for demarcating the territory of the kennel and preventing the dogs from running away. They allow the passage of sunlight and prevent dogs from feeling trapped, reducing the stress of the animals, and should be at least 2.10 meters high.

Which Floor to Choose to Build a Domestic Kennel?

If you intend to build a kennel in your home yard, you should opt for a floor that offers comfort and security to your dogs and keep the place dry and clean.