How to Keep Your Dog Cool During a Walk?

Your dog will encourage you to go for a walk early in the morning. Walking with your dog have a great fun time. It’s better for you and your dog’s health. Walking will keep you active all day. During the summer season, while walking, your dog may feel hot. To keep your dog cool during and after walking, some points will help you to keep the dog cool during walking. If you are busy and decide to outsource your dog walking, check that the dog walker has a dog walking insurance with third party liability.


Provide Plenty of Water

Dehydration is a dangerous health problem in all animals. Dehydration means the water has been lost your body. There will make different kind of signs will show when animals become dehydrated.


Always keep your dog hydrated before, during, and after the walking. Before walking, gives plenty of water near your dog. Always carry a water bottle and a plastic bowl or disposable bowl along with you during walking. It will help your dog to provide the water as soon as possible. So, it will keep your dog cool during walking.

Keep Her Skin Wet

Before going to walk with your dog, always carry a soaking doggy shirt or bandana. It will be soaked in the cold water. When you feel your dog’s skin going to dry and your dog’s body going to hot. Then put it on your dog’s body. It will help your dog to keep cool during the walking.


Choose a Shady Spot

During summer, when you go walking along with your dog. There is a problem to find out the shady place in the park. So always choose a shady spot for your dog walking. A shady spot will help your dog to prevent direct sunlight on your dog. Your dog will stay cool when you choose a shady area for his walking. He will also feel comfortable when you will choose a shady area for his walking. You should know about the shady area in your region. The shady area in your region may be a forest. Or green park, which is surrounded by green and shady trees. It will keep your dog cool during walking. A shady area like a forest provides fresh and cool air. Fresh air has a lot of oxygen. The oxygen is better for our bodies.

Get up Early in the Morning for Walking or Staying at Night

During the summer, days are long. The sun rises early in the morning at approximately 6 AM. The summer heat is most brutal during the daytime hours. If you go for a walk along with your dog, then always choose the best hours for your dog walking. I will help to prevent your dog from brutal sun heat and a hot environment.

The best temperature for dogs in the summer is 69 degrees – 72 degrees F. Never leave the thermostat higher than 80 degrees F.

If you want to prevent your dog from sun heat, you can change your time for walking with your dog. You can go for a walk along with your dog at night or late evening. The best time to go for walking is 8 PM. At this time, the dog will feel comfortable and cool. This time will give you more time to walk with your dog. The best time to go for a walk in the early morning is before 8 AM. All these steps will keep your dog cool during the walking.

Get the Pair of Doggy Boots

Some people think that doggy boots are only for the winter season. Don’t believe all this kind of thinking. Pair of doggy boots is also better during the summer walk because it will prevent the transfer of heat from land to your dog through paws. It will burn your dog’s paw pad. Before going to walk along with your dog, you should go for a barefoot test. So, the question is that what is a barefoot test? Barefoot is the test to check the hotness of the floor. To check this, I hold my foot on the pavement for a few seconds and feel. If it is hot, then I will not allow my dog for a walk or without a pair of boots. It will help to keep your dog cool during walking.


Jumping Portuguese Water Dog

Carry the Spray Bottle Filled with Cold Water

Your dog can stay cool during the walking if you carry the spray bottle filled with cold water. If you feel your dog’s body is going to hot, you can spray it on your dog’s body of cold water.
Walk on dew green grass in the early morning

Your dog will feel cool and comfortable on dew green grass. Dewdrops are present on the green grass early in the morning after night.


You should keep all the above points in mind during the walking along with your dog. All the points are for your dog’s safety. All these points will help to keep your dog cool.