How To Keep Your Dog Hydrated When Sick


Water is life, both for you and your dog. Because water makes up the largest part of your dog’s body, hydration is important. Water helps digest food, maintains proper kidney function, produces saliva and assists with the dog’s brain function. If you notice your dog has stopped drinking water, chances are that she is sick. When your dog is not well, there is a great likelihood that she will also become dehydrated as she might not have the energy or will to drink water.

Is Your Dog Dehydrated?

It is easy to find out if your dog is dehydrated. In most cases, she will be lethargic, and the eyes and mouth will be dry. You can also pinch the skin and if it takes time to get back to normal, the dog is dehydrated. The task is to help her drink enough water to rehydrate her, or if she is not yet dehydrated, then you need to prevent it from happening.

Plenty of Water Bowls

The easiest way to help your dog drink water even when sick is to place water bowls around the house making it easier for the dog to have access to clean water at whatever point of the house she may be in. If you notice that this is not working, you can try to add a little sugar in the water.


Try Some Ice

Alternatively, you can give your dog ice chips to lick on. If she has a fever, this will also help to bring the temperature down. When a dog is sick, they will usually tolerate ice better than water. If you find that neither one of these two methods is working, you can try a number of tricks to entice her to drink some water.

Cotton Wool Roll

One of those tricks is to get some cotton wool, roll some of it into a ball, dip it in water and dab your dog’s mouth with it, or squeeze the water all over the dog’s mouth. The dog will be able to lick the water as it dribbles down.

Chicken and Beef Should Do the Trick

When people are unwell, it is recommended to give them some chicken soup or beef broth. This applies to dogs as well. Your dog will love the appetizing flavors, awakening her sense of smell while also encouraging her to drink some water. The soup and broth will also give your dog much-needed nutrients.

Rehydrate with Canned Foods

Another interesting idea is to give your dog little quantities of canned food which you can mix with her usual meal. To make it more effective, let the canned food be of a wet nature. Canned food has a much higher water content than your dog’s normal meal.

Cucumber and Watermelon Treats

If your dog loves cucumbers and watermelon, you can give her a treat by cutting small sized pieces and putting them in the freezer. Once they are frozen, give them to your dog and as she enjoys the treat, she will also be taking in extra water.

Offer Supplements

Introducing your dog to electrolyte supplements is also a good way of hydrating your dog. The supplements you give your child, in most cases are just as good for your dog. Give her flavorless Pedialyte in her water. This will help to put back the minerals she has lost during the course of her sickness.

Automatic Dog Waterer

It may also be helpful to invest in an automatic dog waterer. They come in different types and you can choose the one best suited for you and your dog. The simplest one is a bowl that automatically dispenses water into the bowl, ensuring that your dog has a constant source of water.


There is also a wall-mounted dog waterer. This automatically fills the dog’s drinking bowl with water from the faucet, even as the dog is drinking.

Placement is Important

The level at which you place your dog’s water bowl is important, especially when the dog is especially if your dog is unwell. The right height for the water bowl is slightly elevated above the waist but below the dog’s elbow. This minimizes the stress that is put on the muscles, the tendons, and the disks of the neck, thus allowing the dog to enjoy its water lapping moments.

Great Water Fountain

Investing in a water fountain may be a good idea. A dog water fountain provides you with a stress-free method of ensuring that your dog has a constant supply of fresh, cool water. Dogs love playing with moving water and drinking it is lots of fun. Entice your sick dog to drink water from the fountain.

There are many brands and types of fountains in the market, but make sure to choose one from high rated pet water fountains. Only a product that is created according to the high standards will stay functional for a long time and will ensure that your pooch is well hydrated all the time. Before you purchase one of them, make sure to read reviews online, compare prices products’ features.

It is important to keep in mind that dogs dehydrate very easily when they are sick due to the loss of body fluids. They need your help to regain their health. So, whatever method you choose to rehydrate your dog or to prevent it from becoming dehydrated, administer it with love.