How to Keep Your Pets Warm in Cold Weather


Who doesn’t crave to be covered with a blanket on a freezing winter day? The summer has come to an end officially, and it’s cold outside. The chilled wind starts blowing, and snow sets up. Just the way you feel like popping on a jumper on a winter day, your beloved pets also feel the same.

You obviously love your pet the most in the entire world, but when the winter sets in, they need a bit extra care. It is even more significant if yours is an active dog who loves to spend most of the time outside. During summertime, an outside dog house can be the perfect place for him to spend the time of his own the way he wants. In fact, a well-furnished dog house can be the best gift for your beloved pooch.

You can check out this handy article on the best dog house for hot weather on ‘digdoggy’ to surprise your pup. Though these houses are most suitable for summertime, you need to put additional attention and furnish them with the winter essentials to ensure the pet is warm and not facing any discomfort.

Keep Your Pets Warm in Cold Weather

Freezing weather demands your additional care to keep your furry friends cozy and warm. From offering them comfortable, warm bedding to supplementing their nutrients intake, here are the essential steps you can adopt to ensure your pets are in the best comfortable and healthy condition in the wintertime.

Winter Coats

It’s mesmerizing to see your pet in cute clothes, right? Your beloved dog may have a shiny and lustrous thick coat, but don’t forget to make them wear dog winter coats, especially when you take them out for a walk. Winter coats are even more essential if your pets don’t belong to a breed having thick hair. Make sure you make them wear a quality coat or jumper that covers them from neck to bottom. But never restrict the pets with coats as it would make them frustrated.

Making your cat wear a winter coat is even more required as cats have less body fat than canines and get cold easily. Never keep them in jumpers in the heated indoor, as it may lead to overheating in pets.

Better Bedding

Have you ever noticed your cat and pup is spending more time cuddling in their beddings when the weather is freezing outside? Just yours, make a little adjustment in their bedding to make them feel cozy and warm. Ensure the bed is lifted and doesn’t touch the cold ground. Keep the bed away from the draft and furnish it with additional blankets, cushions. You can also add heating pads or disks to keep the bedding safe, secure, and comfortable for them to sleep in it.

An Outside Home

Do your cats and pups love spending time jumping and playing outside? It’s overwhelming to keep such a jolly pet indoor. An insulated outside shelter can be your savior here. You can get an enclosure for the kittens and a dog house or kennel for your beloved pup. Ensure the outdoor home is raised off the ground, warm, insulated from the cold, and protect the pets from rain, wind, and snow. Don’t forget to put some clean and dry blankets and cushions to make the house more cozy and warm!

Protect their paws

Your beloved friend may love to enjoy wandering through a wintertime wonderland, but pets, especially dogs, can suffer from paw issues in winter. Antifreeze, salt, or de-icers can harm their pads. After you return home from a walk during winter, wipe off all the chemicals from their paw, and check if there is any crack. You can also make your dog wear a canine boot while taking him to walk to keep his paw secure from the cold and chemicals outside.

Keep the Interior Warm

Like us, our pets have to spend most of the time inside the house during the cold weather. Usually, you can keep the thermostat at 69-72 degrees on cold days to make pets feel comfortable. But you can modify this setting based on the breed and thickness of the pet’s hair. Let the warmth of the sun enter the room during the daytime. 

Winter Grooming Routine

Besides allowing the fur of your furry companion to grow a bit more, you need to ensure proper grooming of the pet during the chilly days. Untrimmed hair of pups, cats, or rabbits worth your extra care as they can hide skin issues like lumps, sores, or dandruff. Regular brushing and grooming are significant to keep them comfortable and avoid shedding and matting.

Winter Feeding Adjustments

During cold weather, your pet needs more food to keep him energetic. He may need frequent feeding to supply his body the additional calories to regulate his body temperature. If your cat or pup doesn’t do exercises much in the cold days, you may need to make adjustments in his diet to avoid weight gain.

Along with proper grooming and winter coats, you can introduce supplements to keep their joints warm and flexible. 


Your beloved pets hold a special place in your heart, and some additional maintenance and care can keep them safe and warm during the chilly days. Besides following all the steps and tips, you can cuddle your pets a lot and keep winter blues at bay!