How to Stop Your Dog from Digging Up the Yard?


If you own a dog and a big beautiful lawn outside, chances are that the lawn is riddled with holes. Dogs and lawns simply don’t go together. You can’t really have both. A dog will most certainly start digging up the lawn at some point and will make it its sole purpose to destroy it and make it look as unwelcoming as possible.

Why do dog’s like digging up a lawn? It is simply one of their natural instincts. Dogs have a higher sense of hearing and there are many creatures underground borrowing. So the dog would often time want to investigate and see what that creature is.

They also sometimes want to simply cool down and dig a hole where they can hide from the sun. Often times, dogs lack specific minerals and vitamins so in order to compensate for them they would dig around and eat certain types of soil.

Investing in a nice lawn requires time and money. You really don’t want to see all of your hard work go to waste in just a few seconds. But you really don’t want to get rid of your pet as well. So what can you do? Here are some tips to make dog resistant grass and how to preserve your yard and keep your dog at the same time.

Designate a Digging Area

One of the ways to prevent your dog from ruining your yard is to designate a specific area where they can dig freely. As this is a natural dog instinct, it can be really hard to prevent them from doing it. Some dogs can’t be stopped if they have really set their mind on digging a nice big hole for them.

This does not mean you have given up, it just means that you have given your dog their own space. In order to do this, find a suitable spot where your dog can dig freely. You may start by digging a hole from them so you let them know that it is okay for them to play here. You can even lure them in by placing some of their favorite toys inside.

Once the dog is comfortable, they will keep using this hole instead of making Swiss cheese out of your beautiful yard.

Don’t Leave Your Dog Alone for Long

Try not leaving your dog alone for long periods of time in your yard. If you do so, they are bound to start digging, running and destroying the entire thing. Instead of letting them run loose, try entertaining them.

Try to play with your dog as much as you can while you are in the yard. Leave a bunch of toys for them so they can play and try to distract them from digging. The more attention you pay to your dog and the more you try to distract it the less of a chance will it have to start digging around.

Never Garden in Front of Your Dog


If your dog sees you doing garden work, it is bound to start copying you. When you are doing work in your garden, specifically digging, do not allow your dog to come close. If a dog sees its master doing garden work they will see this as something justified.

You are basically telling your dog what to do and are encouraging him to do the same. So never do any garden work in front of your dog. Make sure to keep it away or keep it somewhere closed while you do this. This will lessen the chance of it wanting to do more digging.

Provide Water and Shelter

As we mentioned, dogs often dig holes in order to protect themselves from heat or other weather conditions. This happens during long and hot summer days or whenever the weather starts changing. So in order to prevent it from making their own shelter give them what they need.

Make sure that there is always an independent water source for the dog. If they have fresh water every time they need it, they are not going to try and find other sources to get cool.

Shelter is also important for them. A doggy house is the best solution for the problem. Make sure that it is fortified enough for bad weather conditions and that it is under a shade so the dog can rest when it is hot outside.

Use Various Digging Deterrents

One of the ways to prevent them from digging is to put obstacles in front of them. If you use simple solutions, like a chicken fence or a wire mesh, it will partially prevent them to dig around. Flowers will still be able to grow out of the soil but the dog will only be able to dig approximately an inch above the ground.

You can even use simple deterrents like rocks. If a dog has a favorite sport where it likes to dig you can simply put a big rock there. Even if they have already dug a hole, you can put a rock inside so it prevents it from digging further.

There are even some deterrents which include strong smells. These may also be used to stop your dog from going to certain areas that you don’t want it to go. Besides smell based deterrents, you can also try an ultrasonic dog repeller, a product that is more and more popular among dog owners.

Play and Exercise With Your Dog

Certain type of breeds of dogs starts digging holes because of boredom. When they don’t know what to do with themselves or when they don’t get enough attention they start digging around the yard as a way to pass their time. But sometimes it is also a cry for attention that the master needs to answer.

If your dog is like this, the best way to respond is to take it for a walk. Play around with it or go hiking. When the dog gets enough exercise it will stop destroying your yard and will act like a normal kind of a dog. So simply try to find ways to keep it busy and do various activities together.