How to Use Dog Hair Dryer and Some Training Tips


Baths are no good fun for most pets and a dog dryer that as it creates a startling noise and unwanted air blows can easily frighten your pooch and scare him. Registered pet tamers and pet parents often use a hairdryer for dogs to speed up the drying cycle, however, they brush and shower their dogs prior to drying them.

This article will make it easier for both people and the pet to bathe and to work with diligence. It is to note that expert advice and the right tools are recommended for smooth bathing.

How To Get Your Dog to Not-Hate the Hairdryer

Hairdryers are noisy and if your pouch does not like devices, then getting them to not-hate let alone love the hairdryer will not be an easy task but not impossible. Let me guide you to a few tips to get your doggy trained to get used to that noisy device.

Very few pets remain still when they first subject themselves to the swirling breeze and the unfamiliar vibration of a dog dryer. While an adolescent, a sensitive pooch will step out of the blowing dryer until he’s used to this and realizes he’s not in danger. A dog’s move away is a natural reaction and you will definitely require discipline. You are advised not to bind the dog up because the collar or brace will be restricting at a moment when it wants to be free. For a fact, the mechanical constraints will obstruct the air movement of your dog and inhibit it to dry it thus ruining the whole purpose behind drying your dog.

1. Place the dog dryer in front of your dog in a non-threatening way. Do not contact or push anything.

If the dog gets next to it to test or to figure out what it is, give him a meaty treat.

It plants the seed that the device before them is a benefitting item and it will bring more treats.

2. In your hands place the dryer, then wait again for the dog to search and return to you.

Award the dog for every positive behavior it expresses towards the dog dryer!

3. If your dryer has a brush head, put it on the dog’s face and pet him softly with it.

It is always safer to go to the dog from below than from above. This may sometimes seem threatening.

Repeat step 3, but in various body locations. Every time you move to a new place, give your pooch treats.

Switch on your dog’s dryer when your dog is playful towards it. Maintain the low setup without handling the puppy. Treat your pooch, so that they realize that the sound is nothing too terrifying.

Using a Hair Dryer on Your Dog:

Start with the dryer on a low setting with no warmth, pointed downwards. Have your dog in a little room, for example, a restroom, and permit him to move away from the dryer. Try not to make a serious deal when he does. Have high-esteem treats with you and feed them to your dog, each in turn, while the dryer is running. As your dog gets increasingly agreeable, move your hand with the treats in them closer to the dryer each time, ensuring you don’t blow the air into your pooch’s eyes or ears because that will irritate them.

Make a point to cover a pooch’s ears and eyes, just as their paws, when it allows you to dry them. Start with the pooch dryer setting on cool, not too cold. The exact opposite thing you need to do is shoot a terrified dog with cold air.

Utilize verbal applause and petting to remunerate hounds who are too worried to even think about taking dog treats, including that in an expert setting, the dog specialist probably won’t comprehend what treats a pooch can securely have.

Specialists concur that if your dog gives indications of confusion, it is imperative to remain quiet and not to admonish or laud them, however, to have an impartial reaction. In the event that your dog is apprehensive, don’t attempt to comfort him by saying ‘it’s alright’ or anything like that, since then you’re telling your pooch that his response of dread is ‘alright,’ when it’s most certainly not. Appreciate your pooch as he takes treats.

When your dog approves of the low setting on the dog hair dryer, rehash similar strides with higher settings. Never include such a lot of warmth that it could hurt your dog. Utilize your hand to move the hide around while blow drying so you can be certain not to burn the skin. On the off chance that it feels excessively hot on your hand, at that point it will be unreasonably hot for your dog as well.


Dogs are our bundles of joy; they bring happiness all around but they get dirty very often too because of their fur. They can catch all kinds of dust and mud on their beautiful coats while playing outside. While the majority of the dogs love taking baths. The problem arises when they must be dried.

Because of the huge amount of fur on their bodies, they need proper dog hair dryers with the right temperature to dry it off. While most dogs are startled not because of the air only but also because of the noise the dryer creates when it is turned on. This is why it is best to follow the above-mentioned tips and give your pooch a soothing drying experience.