How to Work From Home With a Dog

Remote jobs are increasingly popular in today’s world as the coronavirus health crisis impacts job markets across the globe. This means you may find yourself at home spending your workdays accompanied by your dog aka your “furry friend”. Of course, this definitely has positive benefits like getting to hang out with your dog and having multiple staring competitions all day. We bet your dogs are getting used to all the attention!

While you may be tempted to cuddle with your pup for hours, there are certain tips you can follow to drastically improve your productivity during your workdays spent at home. Here are the 4 most important areas to focus on, by following these tips you will be able to increase your focus at work while making the most of your time at home with your dog.


Office Space

To create a comfortable and efficient work environment at home, it definitely helps to have an office space for yourself. Be sure to keep important work documents and other items out of your dog’s reach for both their safety and your peace of mind.

You don’t want your pup to slobber over the reading you just printed out! You can even design an area for your pup’s bed next to your work zone. By creating a designated work area for yourself, you will be able to focus while still being close to your pup. Your pup will be comforted that you’re nearby, too.



Creating a routine will be super beneficial for both you and your dog. In addition to your work from home schedule, it is equally important to create a daily schedule for fido. This includes potty breaks, walks, playtime, and meals. Try to stick to a bathroom schedule for your pupper – this helps him avoid anticipation every time you walk near the door and may prevent accidents Set aside specific times for daily walks and play sessions. This will help your dog work out some of its energy.

Try to be as consistent as possible to help your dog get used to its new routine. While it may take some dedication and diligence, establishing a routine while working from home will create a positive and stress-free environment.



Don’t forget to find items that will keep your doggo occupied and happy while you are busy at work. This can include dog toys and chews. Try to find a variety of items that will drive away your pet’s boredom during your Zoom meetings. The last thing you want is to look over at your pup and see him simply sitting around with nothing to do! Keep your fur baby happy and entertained all day when you can’t devote your attention to them.

You can even consider purchasing a subscription box to surprise your pup with! There are literally dozens of different boxes to choose from. They can arrive monthly, quarterly, or as often as you would like. Research different companies to find the best fit for fido. Some boxes are even completely customizable while others are based on a surprise theme each month. These boxes also include are a wonderful variety of treats, toys, and even accessories!

Check out this blog post on the Best Chews for Dogs to find the chew that will make your pup smile from ear to ear.


Sick of baking sourdough loaves and banana pancakes? Switch up your quarantine cooking routine and try cooking for your pup. A lean meal of rice of shredded chicken is an excellent meal for your doggo. It helps digestion and increases energy.

Want something a little more Instagram friendly? Buy these dog bone cookie cutters and make your pup a custom treat. Mixing peanut butter, egg and whole wheat flour is an easy and healthy recipe to train your pup to give you his paw. Find a great recipe? Send it our way!

By following these tips, you can be both efficient and happy while working at home with your dog. It may be difficult at first, but don’t lose hope! With some patience and effort, you will be a total boss at rocking a remote work role with your furry family member!

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Photo Credit: Hachiko

Once you develop a rhythm with between your work life and pet parent responsibilities, you can handle working from home with your dog like a boss. Check out more tips for pet parenting on the Soho Paws Blog.