Jack Russell Terrier Info

A Jack Russell Terrier is a lovable and energetic dog breed which has also made it as one of the more popular ones in the world currently. In nature it is a fox hound, as it was developed from Fox Terrier as its early descendant.

But the Jack Russell has been used for many other things since they and its development and use have been changed a few times since its inception.


Jack Russell Terrier Dogs

It was developed by Reverend Jack Russell, who the dog also has to take for its name, for the purpose of hunting foxes and other small game. The Jack Russell Terrier is often confused with the Parson Terrier as they share similarities.

In fact, the two are separately recognized dog breeds with their own individual characteristics. People also often make a mistake by calling other Fox hounds as Jack Russell terriers.

Jack Russell Terrier History & Origins

The Jack Russell Terrier that we know today was developed from a breed called English white terrier, which is extinct today. Reverend Jack Russell, who was a parson and a hunting enthusiast, saw to create a perfect dog which would chase out foxes out of their burrows.

He managed to succeed in it as he developed the dog which started bearing his name during the middle 1880s.


Jack Russell Terrier In Hunting

The Jack Russell soon started spreading and even reached America. It became a favorite dog for all the huntsmen and especially for those who hunt off their horses.

But there are also many different kinds of breeds which were spawned in this period and which were developed later into their own individual breeds. They mostly have similar characteristics both in temper and looks, but are different dogs and should not be confused.

Jack Russell Terrier Characteristics & Temperament

A Jack Russell Terrier is often described as an intelligent, fearless, athletic and a very vocal dog. But what characterizes them the most is their energy level. They do like to exert their energy as they have been bred for catching foxes and other small game. They like running around and can be quite energetic and aggressive that way. But are in most cases very sweet and lovable dogs.

Very important for owner of a Jack Russell is to give it room to train and consume the high energy it has.

If not trained properly and if you do not give it the space it needs you will end up with a destructive dog and they will try to make their own fun by figuring stuff to do. But if it is trained properly you will have a perfect pet which would be great to hang around with your children.

A Jack Russell Terrier is also perfect for doing stunts and performing on various shows. This is why it is often the dog chosen to do these sort of stuff.


Jack Russell Terrier Hunting a Fox

This breed is not for everybody to train. They are often stubborn and will do things their own way if they decide to. It is also ill-advised to keep this dog in an apartment. They are small dogs but do not do well in confide places.

JRT Appearance, Colors, Size

When talking about the appearance of the Jack Russell Terrier, there are some differences that it has compared to other Fox Terriers. But generally, it has kept his appearance since its inception with few changes. The size for a Jack Russell terrier is 10–15 inches in height and weigh 14–18 pounds.

A perfect Jack Russell Terrier should be balanced, meaning that the length needs to be exactly as the height. The head should have a moderate width at the ears, narrowing a bit at the eyes. A stop should exist at the muzzle while they also possess a well boned jaw which can be really powerful. Since it is a working terrier, chest size is important for the dog.


Six Months Old Brindle Jack Russell Terrier

Predominantly, Jack Russell Terriers are white but they do have some markings of different color. In most of the cases they have added black, brown or tan markings on a white surface.

Jack Russell Terrier Health

Thanks to regular grooming, the Hack Russell Terrier is pretty healthy and has a reputation for not having many serious health issues. They are quite easy to hand and it is to thank expert breeders which have brought to all of this. They have a moderate life span which ranges between 13 and 16 years of age.

Some health issues that you still have to be aware if you own this dog include hereditary cataracts, ectopia lentis, congenital deafness, patellar luxation, ataxia, myasthenia gravis, Legg–Calvé–Perthes syndrome, and von Willebrand disease. All of these can be treated if you take care of your dog well and regularly.

Grooming & Shedding

The coat of a Jack Russell Terrie can be either smooth or broken. In both cases the dog has a double coat with rough texture. A Jack Russell Terrier strips its coat twice a year and it is the period when you can expect the most amount of shedding.

But generally speaking they are not so problematic when it comes to shedding. They still need to be groomed though and you will have to brush them to remove the dead hair. You can do so once a week and more than that is simply unnecessary.


Jack Russell Terrier Running

Also, if you brush your dog’s hair regularly it would also mean that he is not going to need so much bathing. In that case, baths once or twice a year are okay. When it comes to other hygienic grooming, you should brush your dogs teeth and also make sure to clip their nails.

JRT Puppy Price and Breeders

Looking to buy a Jack Russell Terrier? Well that is pretty easy to do, since the popularity of the breed has skyrocketed and caused it to spread all over.

The dog is not as expensive as some large breeds and you can find one at a respectable breeder for a price between 350 USD and 600 USD for a Jack Russell Terrier puppy.


Jack Russell Terrier Puppy

Jack Russell Terrier Rescue

A lot of you might already thing on ways of rescuing a Jack Russell Terrier. Well you are in luck as there are many organizations that can do just that. If you are willing to go through adopting a pet we suggest that you check out Parson Russell Terrier Association of America Rescue, Russell Rescue, Inc. and Russell Refuge for added information about how to rescue a Jack Russell Terrier dog.