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Livestock Guardian Dogs For Chickens

One of the biggest obstacles chicken owners need to overcome is predators. Chickens are delicious to all sorts of species, after all. A flock owner can deter smaller predators like snakes and falcons with some carefully placed chicken wire or mesh. What about larger ...Read More

Kuvasz Dog Breed Info

Kuvasz is a large, sturdy breed of livestock guardian dog. Originating in Hungary, the Kuvasz has a thick, wavy white coat. It was originally used as a royal guardian and the name Kuvasz is believed to derive from the Turkish word “Kawasz”, meaning “armed ...Read More

Rafeiro do Alentejo, a LGD Breed from Portugal

‘The gentle giant’ The Rafeiro do Alentejo, with ‘ Rafeiro’ meaning ‘Mongrel’ (mixed breed) and ‘Alentejo’ as a reference to the Alentejo region in South Portugal. This breed is also known as the Portuguese Mastiff or the Portuguese Watchdog. This impressive dog breed is ...Read More