Looking for Dog Trainers in Los Angeles, CA? This is What You Need to Know


While dogs are an integral part of the household, we forget that they are a totally different species from humans and have their own natural instincts and special needs. So, incidents of dogs misbehaving (not in a bad way), cluttering the house, making a mess, not listening to the owners, and more are common. Hence, training your dog from a younger age is a good idea if you want things to go smoothly whenever you are with your dog. While you can browse the internet and look for videos on how to train your dog, professional dog training services can help enhance the training and modify your dog’s behavior for the greater good. However, not every dog trainer is proficient in handling every dog species. Thus, your money and time might go in vain if you fail to choose the best dog trainer for your Fido. 

In this ultimate guide, we will discuss the factors to consider when looking for a dog trainer. It will help you understand the basic requirements that your dog needs to ensure that the training goes smoothly. 

#1 Start with Investigating Different Training Methods

Dog trainers use a plethora of methods and techniques to train and discipline dogs. While most of the training methods do work to change behavior, not all are kind, gentle, and humane. You need to be strict with the fact that your dog will train in a humane manner and that there will be no harsh methods to be used on your dog. Professional dog trainers like iWorkDogs Dog Training Los Angeles, among others, only use training methods, which are both effective and humane. Experienced dog trainers use positive reinforcement techniques to trigger behavior modifications in dogs. It works by rewarding the dog with treats when it does something right. 

It is not only humane and effective, but also a fun way to train the dog. Do a background check on the dog training institute to determine how they train dogs. You can also ask their previous and existing clients about the training their dogs received. You are advised to get away from trainers who use inhumane techniques in their dog training modules. This may include shocking, hanging, kicking, hitting, and any other practice that can cause your dog distress or pain. If you allow training your dog under these practices, the chances of your dog becoming aggressive or totally shy or fearful increases to a great extent. 

So, when you are interviewing the dog trainer about their training methods, listen to them carefully, and review each method separately. 

#2 Hire a Dog Trainer Who Offers What You Want

Now that you have understood what different dog training methods are, the next you need to do is look for a trainer who offers what you want. Dog training is an unregulated industry. Anyone can say that he is a dog trainer and charge for his service, irrespective of experience, education, or background. So, different dog trainers follow different training tactics and boast different skill sets to offer their range of services. 

Therefore, you need a dog trainer who acts according to your specific needs and wants. For starters, you need to figure out whether your dog will do well in individual training or in a group class. For pups, group classes are the best, as it helps them socialize with other dogs and people. Group classes are cheap as well, compared to individual training. Individual training aims at giving personalized attention to the dog, addressing your specific needs, like is there any special trick or habit you want your dog to learn. 

If your dog needs help with a specific problem such as aggression, separation anxiety, or constant barking, you may want to look for an expert such as a behaviorist or trainer experienced in that area. 

If you want your dog to learn the basics such as potty training and other obedience training, you can opt for joining a short-term training course. Short-term training classes are also best if you want your dog to indulge in more physical activities such as fetch and other dog sports. 

To get the best out of the dog training course, you need to ensure that you choose one that suits you as well as your dog. 


#3 Look at the Certification

As said before, a person needs no special credentials or schooling to establish a dog training business. However, if you want your dog to get the best training, take your time in finding professionals who have done certification in dog training. Dog trainers who are certified know the intensity at which different dogs can be trained. Certification Council For Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT) is one such association that offers certification courses to people. 

With good training and some good luck, your dog will soon be over his unruly dog blues to become the most loving companion is the house.