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Livestock Guardian Dogs For Chickens

One of the biggest obstacles chicken owners need to overcome is predators. Chickens are delicious to all sorts of species, after all. A flock owner can deter smaller predators like snakes and falcons with some carefully placed chicken wire or mesh. What about larger ...Read More

Are Bullmastiffs Good with Kids?

The Bullmastiff is a large breed of guard dog and family pet. Affectionate, protective and loyal, this muscular dog, however, requires careful and consistent obedience training to bring out positive traits and reduce or eliminate destructive behavior. They love to accompany their families everywhere ...Read More

8 Reasons to Get a Dog for Your Kids

Dogs are incredible little creatures and favorite pets to people all over the globe. There’s no question about dogs being a man’s best friend. People love them for their kind eyes, unlimited love, and loyalty. This is why every person should have a canine ...Read More

To People with Anxiety, Pets are Like Superheroes

Having anxiety is a real problem. People who suffer from it can sometimes have a lot of trouble coping through life. If you know somebody who is suffering from this disorder, you should try and provide support and help them. Nevertheless, every person copes ...Read More

Choosing Low Fat Dog Treats

When you are confronted with an obese dog, you are bound to look for low fat dog treats. But, it can be challenging to determine if you are actually helping the canine to shed some fat or contributing negatively to its weight issues. What ...Read More

Rafeiro do Alentejo, a LGD Breed from Portugal

‘The gentle giant’ The Rafeiro do Alentejo, with ‘ Rafeiro’ meaning ‘Mongrel’ (mixed breed) and ‘Alentejo’ as a reference to the Alentejo region in South Portugal. This breed is also known as the Portuguese Mastiff or the Portuguese Watchdog. This impressive dog breed is ...Read More

Dog Flatulence Remedies Without Vet Bills

For some owners, dog flatulence is something to be laughed at. But for others, it can quickly become a headache. When it’s just gassy and no smell, your dog is perfectly fine. But the moment the smell becomes gross and humiliating, it’s time to ...Read More

What to Feed My German Shepherd?

If you are new to the German Shepherd dog world, you might be confused about what to feed your dog. To make it simple, GSDs are carnivores, and they need proteins mainly. But to cut the cost and also to give them sufficient energy, ...Read More